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I Know I’ve been gone for a good while but I’m here now with a very amazing product to discuss “The Ultra Hold styling Gel”. I’ve had this for couple weeks because its pretty much not what I expected. The words Ultra Hold in the title fooled me. It says on the bottle Fast Drying, Long lasting and Non-Flaking. Personal Care lied it does none of the above. I’ve paid $1.50 for it at local store. Let’s start with the bad news
The disadvantages of this Product:
1. I have 4b-4c hair texture so I wanted a gel to hold my hair in a bun. The gel has no hold. Its definitely not for 4 texture hair women and men.
2. I use it to try curl my hair but sadly it flakes more than anything else after it dries.
3. It takes forever to dry and definitely doesn’t let the curls pop for long.
4. Never use it alone, You should always use oils, creams or conditioners to get rid of the dryness the gel brings off.
5. It dries out hair after used please wash your hair.
The advantages:
Its great for natural hair ladies with 2-3 hair textures and also for relaxed hair to put in a bun. The scent is amazing.
If your wondering which hair texture you have here’s a chart.


The ingredients are: Water, Carbomer, PvP K-30, Tri-ethanolamine, glycerine, DMDM hydantoin, polysorbate 20, fragrance, Aloe vers gel, D&C red #33.

Honestly I expected better from personal Care.

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