How to care for your Synthetic Wigs?


I’ve been asked multiply times how do I managed to keep my synthetic wigs looking brand new and honestly all I use is water and mousse. It could be any mousse I use Dove Curl Mousse and Lotta body Wrap Me Foaming Mousse.

Back story on my wigs, I got the Outre Purple Pack BIG BEAUTIFUL HAIR 4C-COILY first then Outre Penny Half wig. At that time I had no idea of how to take care of synthetic hair I normally just wear it and put it down washing was never in the picture. Since I start being obssesed with the world of beauty I took into consideration that i’ll be changing up my looks constantly so the hair has to be washed and ready for the next wear. so thats where washing and taking care of he wig comes in.

So First you’ll need
1. A spray bottle with water
2. Mousse
3. Conditioner
4. Leave- in

Ok so basically after a long day of wearing the wig I wrap it up and put in back in the box it came from (YES I keep my boxes!) weeks after I need to wear it I go for it couple days before (You can wash it immediately after you take it off but i dont got time for that lol) to wash it I use my conditoner, any conditioner can be used (My personal favs: Tresseme, Lottabody, Hask, Loreal). Then I use my leave-in conditioner (Personal favs: Aphogee & Tresseme) to let the hair have little soft feeling in it. I NEVER USE OILS OR CREMES  I personally hate when synthetic hair look shiny even though it comes like that but dont oil it please dont. I never run my brush or comb through my hair just my fingers it works better.

To all who are trying to revive those crusty hair/wigs today is the day you learn how to care it.

Daily Wear
Here’s what I do if I plan to keep it on for days without washing it. This is where the water and mousse comes in, I normally like to damp the hair with water from the spray bottle then I use my mousse. If you have a curly wig you’ll need a mousse most definitely. I would not recommend getting a curling creme because it weighs down the hair making it look flat I love bouncy and curly hair. For straight hair you can use a creme but I dont recommend it on all synthetic straight hair. Annnnnd there you go your synthetic hair on a daily basis is hot and popping!

I reccommend you NOT to wear your wigs to bed! No dont do it please! Take it off wrap it up or hang it up somewhere.

Outre Penny


Xo Nique ♥


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