Wash N Go “Frizz Free”

Here some Steps to Wash and Go !

1. Defrizz Cowash
Co-wash using a good quality defrizzngf conditioner which has ingredients that act as a barrier to humidity.

2. Curly Gels
Start with wet hair and use a gel which both elongates and defines curls to keep frizz at bay.

3. Plop
Plopping and plunking your curls using a turble twist will help keep frizz away while the towel absorbs excess water.

4. Diffuse
Air drying is best but you can blow dry with a suitable dryer with diffuser attachment to avoid disturbing the curls as they dry

5. Refresh 
Refresh your curls daily with a light sprits of water or use a vapor wand

6. Moisturize
Use a curl refreshing product to restore moisture, spring and shine. Finish with an anti frizz serum.

Photo from: Tumblr


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