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Welcome to my website
My name is Shanique Wallace but I go by Nique Wallace
I am 22 years old was born on October 13 19xx. Growed up in Kingston Jamaica with my mom, sisters and brother, Yes I have both parents my dad be around too. ♥
I started my blog journey on Blogger (how silly of me but hey I made it thus far) August 30, 2014 with no sense of knowledge of how a blog should operate. I made so much errors looking back at older posts, My blog name was who in their right mind would start the blog url with number? Yup I did. As time past I stop using basic blogger templates start buying my templates from etsy ofcourse.
Nique’s beauty is about what draws my interest that even may drag your interest per say mostly Beauty, Fashion, Reviews, DIY’s and Hair. Practically Everything that deals with Beauty. While roaming Google and YouTube I’ve since become wholeheartedly obsessed with the world of blogging, fashion, beauty and Personal style.I’m on a Natural hair journey I started this hair journey on September 3rd 2014. I’m definitely a Product Drunky!! I also recently became a youtuber and that a lot of fun.
I can honestly say I feel blessed because when I joined the blogging world no one knew me and I was afraid of letting my own friends know im a blogger. But since last year 2016 persons are finally recognizing my blog and I’m very much happy about it. Having a blog is easy but to continue giving content is hard. From me to you don’t ever be afraid to express yourself and tell people what you like and dislike.

Without too much sweets, I wanted to say that.. I hope you enjoy my blog and my little offerings of parts of my life, as much as I enjoy writing it!


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xoxo Nique ♥♥

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