Review: Nature’s Bounty “BIOTIN”

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Today we’re going to be doing a review on Nature’s Bounty Biotin. Neena and I both purchase these biotin pills at a different time and yes they’re a bit different we paid $1500JMD each about $12.00US each but online its like $6.00. I had Nature’s Bounty Super Potency Biotin 5000mcg and Neena had Nature’s Bounty Quick Dissolve Biotin 5000mcg. This is not a review to bash the company its just our thoughts.

Neena’s Thoughts on  Nature’s Bounty Quick Dissolve Biotin


It was the first time taking flavored pills and it was amazing. I recommend these pills because to me there were no side effects like; rashes, pimples or hair falling out. Well the name of the pill clearly stated that it is dissolved so you can place the pill into water for about five (5) minutes if you’re not comfortable swallowing pills like myself, you can also place the pill into your favorite drink and I think that works well.


I have short nails and the pills definitely grew them, and what you all have been waiting for; Do these pills grow your hair? Yes, they do. I’ve been taking them from April-May and I didn’t see any results. You guys have to realized that it doesn’t work over night and patience is key. I personally hated wash n go’s and braids-out, the reason for this my hair normally shrunk after I wash my hair.


Now in the month of July it has grown pass my collar bone down to my cleavage. This shows that these pills take time to actually grow your hair, do not lose patience and stop taking them. The Nature’s Bounty Quick Dissolve takes three (3) months or less to show results, the one (1) disadvantage for this pill is that because it is flavored you would want to take more than what is required which is one (1) tablet daily.


My wash n go’s looks great and especially my braids-out are absolutely fabulous. I strongly recommend the Nature’s Bounty Quick Dissolve Tablet.  




Nique’s Thoughts on Nature’s Bounty Super Potency Biotin 


First off I start taking the pills June 5th – July 3rd 2016 now the bottle states take one daily but we all know no girl gon’ do that because it has seventy-two (72) soft gel pills inside the bottle so 72 days of taking pills? No! Not gonna happen worst it smells awful like wheat.


I took two (2) daily one after breakfast and one after dinner so 10000 mcg for me. As the days pass I read couple reviews on it, yes I did not read about Nature’s Bounty until I start using the pills. Persons say it causes red pimples on the face if you take them for longer than six (6) weeks now note it has 72 pills how is it that you cant go more than six (6) weeks that’s stupid.


Others say it take awhile to show results and so forth. Now for me I took them daily 2 by 2 until I start missing days, I started to take four (4) pills a day to match up the days I’ve lost that’s where I went wrong my face started get pimples and my hair itched like crazy. 


First I thought it was the hair products I was using that itched my hair so I switched out my hair products kept taking the pills and my scalp would just go crazy, It let me teared out my hair due to the excessive scratching I got terrible dry scalp/ dandruff the hair was clumped together. That right there got me so convinced it was the deep conditioner, the oils and shampoo the itching took a toll on me. I took a week break from all the products including the pills and installed fauxlocs absolutely no itching occurred.


I started back taking the pills after the week of installing the locks. Who told me to do that?? girllllllll my scalp went off that’s when i realize it was the pills. So remember it bumped up my face and it also caused severe itching to my scalp. I took all the 72 pills because persons say beyond all the cons it works!


I highly recommend you to NOT TO TAKE MORE THAN WHAT THE BOTTLE STATES! You will regret it caused I did. On the bottle it states it supports energy and healthy hair and skin.


Now the question is did it work? YES it gave my hair width no length, I don’t know if it gave me energy and worked on my skin ♥ Am i happy? 6/10  


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