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Hey Everyone! So i’ve decided to do a portfolio of all the hideous and best looks i’ve done throughout my years. All of these Pic are taken by Sony Xperia J (worst phone of all time). This is my utmost Favourite of all times i really dont know why but this look was done on 4th of July 2015 right after i big chop my hair. On the eyelids is actually read blue and black you can barely see the black because it’s blended with the blue. On the lips is True Red by Jordana Cosmetics. The Brows was actually done with Airemain Eye liner in brown with concealer to give a very neat look.

Now this was my first look, official disaster! lol the brows neat tho but why was my face so white? I was really feeling myself in this video. This look was done on feb 14 if my memory serves me well. I didn’t want an official pink and red loving look, i was just trying something different and disaster hit! Not ashamed of how i started out im actually glad i started out like this so i could do way better now
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Now this look is another favourite of mine. I call it the “Smokey Green Eyes” Just because of the quality of the phone you barely can see the true look of the makeup. I really enjoyed doing this look. On the eyelid is actually dark green and black blended together with that neat a$$ wing. Those Brows were also fleeky ♥ On the lips is 17 brown from Jordana Cosmetics.

My first time trying the Cut Crease makeup look and FAIL i don’t understand how it looked like that but i can’t say i didn’t try. The colours on the eyelid are Pink and purple as the transition shade.

I did this look the same day Nikkietutorials did her Power of Makeup Look. I was inspired so i did half of my face and trust me he that wing was the first time i tried that cute wing didn’t come out like the best but it did came out as great for my first wing and my brow was fleeky! 

This is my most recent look that i did on August 6 Jamaican independence day! for this look im in love ♥ on the lid is yellow and green with black the transition colour with a small wing. On my lips L.A Girls Lip Liner in Natural creme. 

Xo ‘NiQue ♥

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