The Carli bybel Eyeshadow and Highligter Palette || Review

The Carli bybel Eyeshadow and Highligter Palette || Review

Hello Dolls!

This palette is long overdue to talk about mainly because the newest palette of hers came out couple months ago the Deluxe Carli bybel Eyeshadow and Highlight Palette. Due to the fact that the Original palette is no longer available on BH cosmetics or in much stores. I’m sorry I took so long to write about this but I think its a great time knowing I hit pan with all highlighters.

 I posted a beachy bronze look on my social media sometime ago and you dolls went crazy and wanted to know which highlighter palette I used well surprise its Carli bybel Eyeshadow and Highlight Palette. The looks I get from this palette is I love all the looks I got from this palette.


Lets get into the review on the Eyeshadows first pic hand in Sunlight second pics hand inside.




Swatches on Carli bybel Eyeshadow 

When I took the picture in the sun light  I was shock because I couldn’t see no pigment I started to think I was too light so I did double coats and there you go it started to show. Truth be told if you use yellow lighting to put on your makeup you’ll never see the beauty of it.

I went inside and took a second photo to see the difference well they look so bright and beautiful. Its four (4) matte colours and six (6) shimmering. I enjoy wearing the mattes in my creases to create a smokey eye. The shades dont have names they just have colours (lol well aint that obvious). 

When I do a full face I always use the 6th swatch in my tear duck or sometimes the 7th they both work vice versa even on the eyebrow bone. The matte has fall outs but its not severe at all just use loose powder when your doing your makeup.

The shades I next to never use is the 1st and 8th ones rarely use them and I have the palette for 1 year now. Heard rumors going saying the palette dont show on women of colour and thats alie because I brown skinne and it shows perfectly.





Swatches on Carli bybel Highlighters

Now for my favourite part of the palette the HIGHLIGHTERS!!! I’ve hit pan now with the 3rd one it is my utmost fav, I use the 2nd on my nose always. If I feel like I want to be sunkissed I wear the 4th to look extra bronzy. I only use the first 1st highlight when I’m doing a girly pink look to glow extreme at Night.
Since having this palette I’ve become a complete glow doll lol It has fall out but Not bad. One thing I hate though I dont know if the palette is getting old or that it was conspiracy to get the new Deluxe palette to sell but every shade and highlight is breaking like as I open the palette everything is dropping out thats how it is now, but last year it had no such thing going on with it. I still love it though but it needs to be replaced now.

Overall Thoughts on Palette 

1. Its handy for travel
2. Expect fall out from shadows
3. Has limited makeup looks
Xo Nique ♥
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