Nique’s Natural Hair Journey July-March

Hey Hair Lovers

Its been a min but I’m back I’ve been real busy taking care of some stuff but I’ll like to share my natural hair growth with you. So, I’ve big chopped my hair on July 3rd 2015 my hair has been taking its time growing and I’ve done a lot to it lately. In the Picture you can see for the past months The puff seems to be getting bigger  today my hair is 10 months and couple weeks. All I’ve been doing is protective styles (fauxlocs and braids) I wash my hair every week and deep conditions it i always leave 5% of the deep conditioner on my hair  to keep the moisture it possesses. I then always do the LOC Method ( liquid, oil and Creme) this has helped my hair alot. I’ve also taken Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins from the brand sundown it works !
In July PATIENCE was what kept me going because natural hair takes a lot of persons to get it to be healthier than ever. There were most days I’m like Dammn! I can’t take it! I’m going to relax it ! When it reaches that moment for me I start watching YouTube videos (Glamtwinz334) they are my inspiration so I keep going. To everyone who thinks natural hair is highly expensive your wrong because the same products you use in your household can be used in your hair. You don’t have to run and buy Shea moisture products because every natural hair instagrammer says its the best thing since slice bread that’s a lie you can purchase a $4.00 deep conditioner and it works wonders.
Look at my hair in March not even a year yet and my puff is big. All you need is a regimen and a deep conditioner that loves your hair! Take your vitamins! use your household products and you will reach where I am.

Xo “Nique ♥

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