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  1. i have been waiting for my hair to grow out so i can donate it. and usually i get an asymmetrical bob afterwards but the hairstyles you mentioned (had to google some of them) were really cute. my favourite one you stated was the tampered one – though i don’t think i don’t have the right texture to pull that one off.

  2. I love all of these styles! I am actually thinking about going for a cut soon. As much as I love long hair, I think the bob really suits my faces. On the plus side: it’s a freeing, light style to go for. Then I can just get extensions if need be. ;P

  3. I’m still trying to decide between braids and a wig this summer. Wigs are not as low maintenance as they used to be, but a cute curly wig for the summer would be bomb. These are all great options to choose from!


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