How to Grow Healthy Nails

How to Grow Healthy Nails

How I Grow Healthy Long Nails

To my surprise I have a lot of readers out there I thought I was in my own little world with just my friends, but Hello to all the new persons and to the oldies thanks for sticking with me ☺☺ #appreciateit
I was emailed after I posted my natural hair journey whatismyregimenforgrowinglongnails ?”  Honestly I don’t have a regimen my nails just naturally grow long I think its in my genes but Neena’s nails takes forever to grow so I really don’t know.


      •  On a daily basis all I do is Eat two-three meals per day with few snacks in and out the hours. I try to keep at least too meals healthy.
      • I drink lots of water.
      • I stay away from nail polish I polish my nails occasionally because I hate discolored nails, I do wear clear nail polish. 
    • Just don’t do your nails for 6 months and you’ll see the difference.
I still wash clothes and dishes so don’t be afraid to do so, I wash my natural 4B- 4C hair every week and Yes I finger detangle and my nails remain. If you fear doing the above drink milk three times a week and you’ll be fine.Presently I’ve broken couple nails and only one remains and that’s my pinky the rest will just break with no reason.


As you can see above my nails were booming and to be completely honest my nails are still booming. For a year my nails went through it because I started to wear false nails and tons of acrylic my natural nails couldn’t catch a break. So starting January 2019 I said I’m going to take a break from false nails because my nails started to look extremely yellow and feels rough. 

I experience breakage so easily but now your girl got a slightly new regimen. I’m going to be honest with you I literally don’t do much I am always around my computer typing. Yes! I do house cleaning but nothing too extra 🙂 

My nails are stronger now not easily broken.. I no longer wear nail polish and I don not do that garlic thing with nails. I know it’s good to put garlic on your nails for growth but not mine.

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On a daily basis I drink tea every single morning YES I am british #justplayin

I eat 3 meals a day

I rarely drink water maybe 3 cups a day, it depends though. I really try hard to drink water because I don’t drink soda. Please cut that out if you drink soda it’s not good for you.

I take biotin in liquid or pill form. I personally love liquid biotin I get more out of it more than the pills. 


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