Tips to remove Dark Circle/Bags

Nique Dark Circles

I know I look mega weird but yes first day of school with dark circles around my eyes NOT SO CUTE so im trying to clear up mine you should too! Check out the list below to see what works for you!

1. Most effective tip for under-eye bags is to correct the sleeping habits. Sleep on your back straight, keeping head high with the help of pillow, when your senses are soothed, this corrects the circulation of blood and fluids. This helps to remove the puffiness of eyes by removing the fluids beneath.

2. Daily exercise can keep good circulation of blood throughout the body and the face region, reducing circles. Concentrate on Yoga too, which stimulates your breathing, leaving fresh skin.

3. Sleep well, doctors advise to have at-least 6-8 hours sleep daily, to have fresh and circles-free face. Don’t sleep in too much cold air-conditioned room.

4. Use cucumber or potato slices on your face and below-eye skin, leave them for one and a half hour and then remove. This returns the freshness of the skin.

5. Don’t take too much stress, this affects the mainstream nervous system leading to blood pressure problems which finally give circles.

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