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I am here for the second time doing a Bag review. I wasn’t much of a bag lover until I fell in love with shopping at Zaful. The bags are like heaven I love them so much. Especially my Embossing PU Leather Bag Set the Bunny Strap bag one (yes I name it). I was scrolling through Zaful and I was like damn! I needed these bags. I placed the order got it delivered to me in 10 days. It was $45.99 on sale when I ordered it, now its $63.99 because these bags are selling like crazy you need to get yourself this bag set before its a lil more pricey than your packet can manage. It comes in Black, Rose Madder (Pink), white and Gray. I have the gray ♥. Here’s an easy way to get the bag free you can go on Zaful look for the bag click on the area that says [GET IT FREE] all you have to do is share it on all your social media networks. Then, get four (4) persons to click the link, four (4) persons to register and that same four (4) persons to purchase the bag set and the bags are yours! Now the review on my awesome bag set below:

The Lebailu Handbag/Shoulder Bag

I wasn’t a fan of this bag first until I was ready to go to the beach I could pack my towel, my change of clothes, my pouch with shower items, purse, and even my sandals. The leather, the bag is made with is really thick I love the feeling. The style of the bag is to die for with the crocodile looking pieces of leather it even came with a slide-in pocket at the front where I  place my phone so I could have quick access to it. One is made at the back with a zip that can be used also for quick access to your phone or coins you just through inside. On the inside of the Lebailu handbag, it has a good amount of space with a two-compartment one with a zipper one without. The zips on the bag with little gold designed rings are so cute. I don’t see the handles as anything that could be torn off if being tugged between two persons. This bag definitely gets a 9/10. I hate that the strap is just too short to put on my shoulder I rather a cross bag.

The Bunny Strap Bag/Cross body Bag

 I’m in love with this bag, It was the one that caught my eyes when I was scrolling through the Bags section. Firstly the zips are the bomb with the crocodile skin leather made to look like bunny ears and the metal golds shape bunny ears placed at the front is so cute. The is round more like a half-circle, the strap is adjustable you can wear it on your shoulder can turn it into a cross body bag and it can also be held a pouch because it has a little handle at the top. The leather is Thick nowhere near cheaply made. Inside of the Bunny strap bag, it has a good amount of space it can carry your phone, your beauty needs, and your purse. It has small slide-in pockets to drop coins in and on the outside it has a zip pocket for use of coins or quick access to your phone. It also got the cute gold ring on the zip at the back. 10/10 for me It got no problems.

The Skull Head Clutch Bag 

This clutch is definitely for a night out at a club or dinner. Firstly the lock on the bag is not a skull I just call it that because it reminds me of a skull. So the bag is shaped as an envelope with the crocodile skin pattern design to look like it’s in a “X”. Again the leather is phenomenal. The inside of the Clutch is so cute I tried to figure out which material was used inside but I just can’t figure it out the material is so soft its in mustard color. It has three (3) compartments one (1) with a zipper the other doesn’t have any, I’m sure where the zipper is that’s where you put your money and phone because that’s where I put mine. The other compartments you can basically put any small items in like lipsticks, mirror and etc. The clutch was supposed to come with a chain as shown in the pic but I didn’t receive any so I’m not sure because it also came with two tote rings at the side but no straps or chain maybe I’ll use the bunny strap or just wear it normal without it.

The Clueless Purse

This purse just seems like the odd one out because it definitely looks nothing like what’s in the picture and it really doesn’t coordinate with the others, it doesn’t have the cute ring on the zip. I’m glad I got this purse though because it replaces my old purse which the magnet lock fell out of it. The outside is plain the inside is beautiful it has two compartments where you can put your paper money and important cards, It has a zipper in the middle where you can drop your coins in for security. The purse is the only one with a metal zipper. If you’re like me you don’t need anything fancy on a purse that carries your cards and money.

The Wrist Bag 

Phenomenal plain gray leather outside and a really thick material inside. I make these bags on Chique my Instagram store so I know this bag is not cheaply made at all. I never used this but as far as I’m concern you can use this bag to carry your sanitary napkin, tissue/hand towel, or even use it as a lipstick/ Lip gloss Bag.

The Cardholder

The name speaks for itself it holds all your cards that are 10cm wide and 7cm in length. It’s very uniquely made for persons who own a lot of cards that simply can’t hold in their purse so they use their cardholder. I got a cardholder from Nova Scotia bank to hold my cards so a cardholder makes a lot of sense.

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They are always doing promotions right now they have a November Sale Promo going on [HERE] and I know the majority of you guys love coupons and Sales because Black Fridays are near!. Sign up for Zaful today for all your fashion needs here Also when you sign up you get Z points which helps bring your final cost for items couple dollars down.

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