How to change your beauty routine from summer to winter?!

How to change your beauty routine from summer to winter?!

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How do we transition from hot summer to cold winter? well we get fall to help in between with the warmth lol. If it was easy like transition from coffee to cocktails we all would be happy. 

I am from the tropics beautiful Jamaica, we rarely get to experience winter its more autumn here. When I was in Atlanta it was not cute because I was freezing my bum off.

My face would get dry, my lips would start to crack and my hair would get flaky. I hated it so I had to change my beauty routine to fix all these new struggles of life lol little too extra? No okay.

If you have oily skin like me you’ll not experience extreme dryness but your face will get dry and it may start stripping and thats not okay.

So I went out and get some new products most times you don’t need new products because you already have few from your summer routine that can still be used.  You can also use natural products in your home. Its almost like setting up you own at home spa.

For your face;

  1. Use warm water to wash your face at all times.
  2. Remember to dry your face off never leave the water on it, it will look dry AF.
  3. Exfoilate too get rid of some dead skin.
  4. You’ll need moisturizers for the face its mandatory (After you wash your face you apply it) eg of moisturizers HERE
  5. Oils can be used if your out of moisturizers-  eg my fav coconut oil
  6. Get hydration masks and scrubs
  7. Switch foundations use cream or liquid makeup formulas


For your Lips;

  1. Exfoilate your lips – You can use a simple DIY sugar and honey scrub.
  2. Get a lip gloss – I use lip gloss because it does the job for me and also get them nice Sunkist pics looking bomb lol I know some makes you look like you just drank oil but that’s okay.
  3. Get a lip balm – I personally don’t use lip balms because I dont feel it helps my crack lips.
  4. Stay away from matte lipsticks start using creamy ones.


For your hair:

  1. 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioners are the best or just use a cowash product.
  2.  GET DEEP CONDTIONERS AND MASQUES – I got my personal favs with deep conditioners within my simple hair routine
  3. Cut down on washing your hair as frequent as you do especially for my naturalistas
  4. Best hairstyles for winter is protective hairstyleswe wear them in the summer but truth be told its best in winter less breakage. The cold tends to break old hair off more frequent then any other season. I use wigs ofcourse
  5. Invest in oils and moisturizers
  6. Do treatments and steam your hair


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For your skin definitely get body lotions ashy heels and elbows are not cute. Also get some body wash it has more moisture than regular soap.

This is what I do personally, most persons use numerous steps and products to transition from summer to winter this is just a simple 101 for you and me.

Feeling and looking great all winter long can seem like a real challenge. But if you change a few key products in your beauty routine, as well as how you apply them, you can keep your skin and hair in great shape no matter how cold it gets.


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Take your beauty routine from summer to winter


Just so you know the change in seasons can be stressful on your skin, especially when warm, humid months turn into cold and windy weather. Once the temperature starts to get cold, you should also start changing your skin care routine. The dry, cold air can affect your skin, making it dry and blotchy.

If you feel I missed something and you want to add dont be afraid to share in the comments!

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