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  1. When I started my career as a blogger / inflencer, I asked myself exactly the same questions trying to understand what would be the path I wanted to follow and the niche to refer to.

  2. Such an amazing resource for those who want to adopt this title of influencer. I do love that you start this post out with saying it is NOT EASY! I don’t like when people say, “it’s so easy”… “how do I make money?” – because it’s really NOT easy at all, and you have to be real and authentic and genuinely love what you’re talking about – or else… People will see through you VERY quickly and you will ruin your chances of getting what you want.

  3. Love this! I’m definitely checking out more of your articles. Right now I’m trying to improve on my finances so my goal for this year was to create income and expense reports monthly which I see you do the same. They’ve helped a lot but I’ve been having trouble with getting people to engage and reaching my sales goals for the month. Hopefully some of your tips and advice will help me out. Thanks so much, great article!

    • you are most welcome engaging is not so bad ! you have to engage to get engagement. If you sit and never compliment someone ur following they’ll never compliment you. So you can try using hashtags or going through your favourite hashtag.. like n leave a genuine comment on the first 9 pictures you like. After your finish hopefully the persons return the favor that’s how I started out.

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