Why Instagram Followers Are So Hard To Get?

Why Instagram Followers Are So Hard To Get?
IG followers are hard to get

Hey Everyone!

I just got one question to ask all of you.. “Why is Instagram followers so hard to get?” I mean is it that challenging to get a couple of persons to follow you? I know most of you wonder the same thing or some of you easily get followers (I don’t know).

Lets do a back track For my experience with instagram, I’ve joined for almost two years now. In 2013 when I first got my Samsung tablet it was the first app I downloaded because at the time I had a blackberry phone which don’t have a Google play store.

When I got the app I promoted myself on Facebook and Twitter because I wanted followers. In a month I gain 1.3k+. It reached a point where I got over the board with getting addicted to instagram, I connected to Facebook and follow everyone who had an instagram and twitter.

Couple months passed I started to compete with persons to see who can make 50+ followers a day and trust me I got more than 50+ followers a day. everyone at school kept asking what’s my secret (I’ll be like “ohh all I did is give shoutouts for shoutouts.) But truly I went home for hours on instagram going through persons following list, done tons of shoutouts, likes for likes, follow for follow, putting it in the bio of every sites I joined and etc lol I did a lot in 2013.

I continued this addiction in 2014 my life was just all about instagram well Facebook but not touching that story maybe a next time lol I was such a social media freak!. Anyways, in 2014 it got real bad I was barely uploading pictures because of school and exams so my followers barely had pictures to like so that was a bit disadvantage for me.

All I still wanted was followers to defeat my friends but little I know I needed pictures for persons to like so I cheated I downloaded an app to get followers and tons of likes. I lost my grip on instagram in early April because Internal Assessment became a load of s**t.

However after exams in may my tablet crash (I cried) all that I worked for was gone and what’s more sad about this is that you can’t upload your pictures from your PC (bummer) I couldn’t use instagram no more at this point I was almost at 4k just 300 followers away. At this time I asked my best friend to control my account but instead he let me lost a lot of followers because I had more than him so I asked my boyfriend all he did was give himself shout outs :/ (hate them both).


I’m telling you all this because I had followers but now they’re all unfollowing day by day and I want to know how to get genuine followers who will like and comment. I was thinking about starting over but I then again ill lose all my followers which I don’t
want to lose.
I read on blog.hootsuite.com that The key to getting more followers and likes on Instagram is posting really amazing content. For followers to continue coming back and double-tapping your photos, they need to be confident that you will be consistently putting up high-quality photos and interesting captions.
However, giving your audience what it wants to see doesn’t mean you have to post the same kind photos over and over again… let’s be real, it can be a bit boring. Switch up your angles and subjects while keeping true to the brand you established
Any other thoughts of how to gain more followers than you already have??
I can be an influencer workbook
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How to get MORE followers on Instagram


I finally got the hang of the Instagram game lovelies lol yes it took me 4 years to take the game seriously again. THREE YEARS ?? can you believe that? that’s called laziness because I could have climbed to the top with my Instagram years ago but I played a fool and stop everything. Uploading every 4-6 months like a crazy person. I stop caring for Instagram when my phone situation went south but I’m back and I’m ready to spill it all.

Now let’s get down to the details which involve couple steps and strategies I’ve implemented.

So, I currently have 5.1k followers Yaaayz! lol not yaayz I should have been at 10k by now if i wasn’t lacking but yeah not going to beat up myself about it. Moving on!

Before I give you my strategy lets go over the basics so you know you need

1. Good content – Basically quality photos for your niche, do editing if needed.

2. Do hashtags – You can add up to 30 hashtags to a post in caption section or comment section.

3. Do tags – If your wearing a brand tag them, If you want more exposure tag an inspiration page for repost.

4. Add location – Not a must but can be done

5. Be you! –  Do bomb ass captions and respond to comments.

Now lets get into my strategy

This might not be a shocker but I join engagement pods via Instagram and Telegram. I literally meet up with Instagram bloggers through hashtags like 9 of their pictures leave 3 comments.

Please pick a hashtag from your niche for eg. I’m a Lifestyle blogger so I go through hashtags that are not in the millions has yet because with those you get a chance to be seen. Once the hashtag is in the millions you barely get a glimpse from 1 person because uploading to it every second.

My favorite hashtag right now is #bloggershare. Once I do my liking and commenting method they always message me and ask if I want to join an engagement group to get more comments so my content can be on the explore page.

First starting out I jumped to join them I was in like 15 groups but it became time-consuming and I had to follow people that don’t want to follow me back. I exist those groups and keep the ones that want to follow back and also have at least 200 members so your post doesn’t go unseen in the group.

Person often say Instagram bans groups like this because its manipulating the system but truth be told it’s a splendid idea that they can’t control. So get at it lovelies and gain some organic followers because the more likes and comments you get in 30 minutes the better you pop up in explore to be seen by new people that may love your content and you get 5- 10 followers.


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