• Bringing to you from the 6ixx @budderscannabis they provide you with a variety of smoking essentials. And yes i smoke vapes & hookahs for the 100th time lol 😊 ⁣
#budderscannabis has a wide selection of portable and desktop herbal vaporizers. With popular vape brands like DaVinci, Storz and Bickel, Dr. Dabber, PAX, Arizer, Kandy Pen, and more, Budders focuses on your unique needs to curate a premium experience. ⁣
For my Canadians budder cannabis is located at 3466 Dundas St. W, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They also have the best vape shop online in U.S.A with great discounts on dry herb vaporizers and vape pens. ⁣
I even have a discount code to share use 🍂NIQUE1013🍂 to get 10% off site 👏🏼⁣
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  • We’re all on a journey you’re in your own league 🏆 —-—————————–
On face: 
@maybelline #superstayfoundation Toffee Caramel 330 n #fitmefoundation Golden Caramel 332
Concealer: @elfcosmetics #24hrcamoconcealer “Tan latte” x “ Deep Olive”
Eyebrows: @benefitcosmetics #kabrow #24hrbrowsetter x @veilcosmetics complexion fix “Light 2G” 
Eyeshadow & Highlighter: @bhcosmetics x @carlibybel palette 
Eyelashes: @prettiilashes 3DG10 #prettiilashes 
Lips: @beccacosmetics #ultimatelipdefiner #octolyfamily berry red 
  • A Female CEO 
Definition: A woman who is strong, ambitious, positive and confident that owns her own business. Has a center of influence, she knows what she wants and always go for it. She's in charge of her life and makes no apologies or excuses for who she is.  Synonyms: Boss babe, Femtreprenuer 
Cap this super cute crop tee from @incrediblegiftshop #incrediblegiftshop #ad .
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  • Thank you @mariobadescu for gifting me these goodies ❣️ I received: Botanical Exfoliating Scrub $26. Phenomenal product I deadass need to get a new one mine is almost finished 😭😭😭 This product leaves my face so smooth and soft. •
• * Acne Repair Kit - it has a trio of Drying Cream, Buffering lotion and drying lotion. Let’s be honest out of all three the one that did what it says was the Drying lotion definitely a fan of it. I had a bump came up on my face in the night and it went away the following morning. The others did my skin no justice. •
* Body Breakout Kit. Thank you #mariobadescu for this my back acne faded after 2 weeks of consistently using I love em both. I wish it had a nice scent tho but it’s watever ☺️☺️ •
• * The Rose & Green Tea Facial spray came in handy for me when I’m not in the mood to moisturize in the mornings I just spray both on lol yes both cuz I’m extra and head out 😂✅ #
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  • {Gifted} Have y’all ever heard of @mybodycology? No 
Wut? Lemme tell you about it #bodycology is a brand that provides amazing scented products for your skin. I got a chance to receive 3 products from them and there are: 
Cherry Blossom body cream - applies so smoothly to the skin the scent is amazing 😉 It’s free of paraben& phthalate! Not tested on animals 👌
Sweet sunrise body fantasies body spray - A phenomenal scent I literally spray it the same day I received it. It smells like fruity vanilla if that makes sense 😍😍😍
Cherry blossom 2-1 body wash & bubble bath - This is on skin was the greatest feeling no shxt.. obviously the scent is bomb 💣 the after feeling gets better because it doesn’t leave your skin slimy you actually feel rejuvenated. I like that about body wash they lather and don’t give off an after slime feeling. •
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  • I received the Fall Essential kit from you already know @influencehercollective thank you ☺️ #influencehercollective #ihcfallkit  I am a huge fan of the @garnierusa skincare products I wear makeup a lot so I need all the makeup removers and skincare products I can get ha! I’m just playing... but seriously I do so I received the Micellar Cleansing water all in one. I use it to remove my makeup it leave my skin feeling refreshed. I also received the Soothing Facial Mist with rose water I haven’t used this yet but Ik it can be used as primer or moisturizer. #garniergal #garnierguy  @Febrezeairpurifiers Odor grab this bad boy filters the air and freshens it with febreze scent. My bf Issa smoker so this definitely came in handy ☺️👏🏼 you all can purchase this on Amazon for $ 17.99 #sayyestofresh #odorgrab  I got a @getsteripod kit for women what got inside the kit is 4 Toothbrush Protectors, 2 Razor Protectors and 2 Tongue cleaners. I 100% recommended the tongue cleaners cuz it helps to get rid of the stuff that causes bad breath 😷 #steripod #thepodlife  Ever heard of @juiceplus_us ? I received their complete by Juice Plus+ Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla - Whole Food Based Shake Mix I enjoyed the Nutrients on the go with these! With my new water bottle. #plantpower #completebyjuiceplus 
And I got another @otterboxstyle phone case that I love ❤️ #extendyourstyle #myotterbox
  • Hey lovelies I deadass need to get a name for y’all but it’s whatever y’all good with me calling y’all lovelies right?  Anyways my internet went out for 3 days I was beyond upset I called my internet provider and gave them a piece of my mind 🤬 I crave to be social because I’m a blogger and I’m always on here scrolling reading all kind of shxt 😭😭 I felt like I was missing out on everything I was eager to get back here. The first 24hours after that I said to myself maybe I needed this break let me read, type up couple blog posts and relax.  I did exactly so I read off “Where the missing go by Emma Rowling it’s the most annoying book I’ve ever read but it reminds me of all the kdramas I watch 😂😂 so it was actually a good read. 
I went outside and talk to people get ideas 💡 funny part too I get to sleep for 8 -9 hours normally insomnia eats at me but I felt free on day 2 & 3 ☺️ Bet most y’all didn’t notice I was gone 😭😭😭😭 I say all this to say sometimes it’s good to take a break from social media you’ll get to reflect and actually do things you never did like go outside for once.  #declutter #positivemind #lawofattraction #pieceofmind #thesecret #blogger #socialmedia #bloggersgetsocial #ontheblog #bloggerlife #goodvibesonly #blessings
  • Thank you @idewcare for gifting me The berry melting makeup remover balm. I am a huge fan of the scent omo The blueberry fruit extract gets me every time!  I used the balm to remove my makeup a couple of times since I received the item and let's just say it gets the work done. When applying the product is literally melts on the skin. I use my finger when applying to the face you receive a spatula to lift the product from the jar to help you to not dig deep and make a mess. 
I personally don't mind that! I recommend dipping the spatula in the jar 4 times to applying on the four corners of your face to get the best out the product and be able to remove 90% of the foundation, eyebrow products, etc.  To avoid using wipes I will 100% recommend it. No jk I love this product It does all the justice in the world to remove my makeup easier. Berry Melting Makeup Remover Balm is good for all skin types it has no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and silicones. Cruelty-free! the cost of this is $23 you can get it on Ulta.com or in any @ultabeauty stores •
•  Have y’all ever tried melting Balm before?  #idewcare #berrymelting #beautybloggers #skincarenatural #skincare #makeupremover #meltingcleansingbalm #sponsored
  • Mood 4ever ~ Beyoncé 🔥 🔥 .
Make sure to cap my Influencer & blogger book for 50% off until August 30th 👏🏼👏🏼 use code ✨BLOGVERSARY ✨ trust me you’ll be learning a lot + don’t forget to read my latest blog post 🌴Link in bio 🌴
Want to connect tag your favorite blogger below 👇🏼👇🏼
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  • Running a business is never easy there’s always gonna be ups and downs. Launching my ebook, I thought it would be somewhat an easy task. The creation was brutal but compared to marketing it was the easiest. .
I was told go on create your own digital product, create other venues to stream passive income. They say it will be easy now I know they fvckin lying 😂😭 I believe they should have said launching your first product as a self published author will be hard af but the second time around will be easy. .
I’ve been on the other side before with getting clients, customers, buyers or whatever you call them these days I hated it the thought of persuading someone back when I had my first “handmade” store. I quit that because I’m like if you want it you buy it period. 😂😂 y tf do I need to persuade u lol you know what I let that thought go because this is a business you have to let your customers know how worthy your products are and what final results their going to receive. After you launch your brand never think failing is a bad thing create 5-6,7 strategies go through the errors and start over just remember this only the beginning it will get better! .
Enough with my rambling what are your goals for fall? .
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Looking for something?

E Products

Baby girl you can sell your own products this is what every blogger is aiming to do other wise from sponsored posts. I was one of the persons who normally say you can’t make money selling ebooks and ecourses if you are not teaching about blogging and social media marketing but that’s not true. I finally accept that I can do an Ebook or E-course on MY makeup guide, fashion guide and hair guide.

Knowing most of you want to be influencers just like me I’m baking my Ebook right now 59 pages down for beginners of course. It’s not only Ebooks and Ecourses are E products you can provide printables and checklist be creative.



Now my Income Break down

I know this is all what you’ve been waiting for let’s get down to the coins… so I make money from the list below

  1. Heartbeat.co – $101
  2. Google Adsense – $5.60 (Will not get until threshold)
  3. Amazon Affiliate – $2.50 (Will not get until $10)
  4. Influenster -$15 (Product Exchange)
  5. Stack Influence – $29.99 (Product exchange) 
  6. Sponsored post – $90 (Product exchange)
  7. Izea – $3.96 (Will not get until $25 which I’m close to)


So these are the companies that help me gain some coins! Heartbeat is winning as always but right now I think their slowing down. I found out Heartbeat no longer has a referral code and that hurts my soul because y’all could be signing up to help me make some coins with ya. Now that’s how I make money on Instagram I’m not looking to make money with my blog yet I’m trying to fix my views I really need 20k views monthly. Then I’ll take on major paid sponsored posts and master Adsense and affiliation.


A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard workClick To Tweet



My Expenses

This the part I hate lol I literally spend more than I save but anyways my expense are not brutal this month. I actually spend on what is necessary for me to continue using my website and having access to it. Expenses breakdown

  • Shipping Couriers – $77 (I use Quikship!)
  • Internet – $35
  • Tailwind – $14.99


I got $121.06 (80% product exchange) to spend all went to fast food lol I literally did not get to buy no makeup no nothing I’m learning to save y’all. Money will be staying with me! Tweet this Affirmation is you believe so too. I had major issues with tailwind so I had delete my account and start over because it wasn’t taking my visa card.



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How I get traffic to my Blog and Instagram

My two main source of traffic for my blog is Pinterest and Facebook. Pinterest as you all know is not a social media it’s a search engine just like google but prettier lol. It is what is helping my blog to grow tremendously and I love that also joining about 15 Facebook groups lol. #Dontjudgeme

These Facebook groups helped me so much with everything both IG and website. I wouldn’t trade it for anything so that’s why I created my own FB group. I’m going to be changing the name but for now it’s for all my Caribbean newbies who love social media it doesn’t matter your niche or platform of expertise. 



I just opened a Pinterest board of mine if you want to be a contributor hop on over and request to join BLOGLOVIN SHARE BEST PINS


How I get Free Products from Brands

Like I said earlier you can sign up for Influencer Networks or you can reach out to the brands directly requesting to do product reviews. I feel it’s better to contact the companies directly in that way you wont have to worry about no one taking cuts or sending you only 2 samples when you can get the latest line of items.

I email companies I don’t find it professional to direct message a company on Instagram. Truth be told that’s where most of the companies find you to collaborate. How I look for companies to email is easy I basically google or YouTube “cheapest fashion or beauty brands”, go through instagram Hashtags or find some Instagram models pages or use Pinterest.



How to pitch to Brands EMAIL example

In subject line

“Collaboration Inquiry” “Collaboration Proposal” “IG handle x company // Collab”


Hey (PR agent name),

My name is ________ and I’m such a loyal customer to ______ (brand).

I’ve been using your products for couple years now, and they worked wonders on ________ (body part), especially the (name product). My readers also love hearing about the _____ (name brand), and I know many of them love your products, too.





My blog, Nique’s Beauty, sees over (numbers) in page views/month with an incredibly high (percentage) engagement rate. My Instagram @sh_nique also sees about a (percentage) engagement rate. With spring approaching soon, I’d love to share some of your products with my readers on your newest products (name new line).

I would love to partner with you guys in some way.


Nique’s Beauty xo


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