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Baby girl you can sell your own products this is what every blogger is aiming to do other wise from sponsored posts. I was one of the persons who normally say you can’t make money selling ebooks and ecourses if you are not teaching about blogging and social media marketing but that’s not true. I finally accept that I can do an Ebook or E-course on MY makeup guide, fashion guide and hair guide.

Knowing most of you want to be influencers just like me I’m baking my Ebook right now 59 pages down for beginners of course. It’s not only Ebooks and Ecourses are E products you can provide printables and checklist be creative.



Now my Income Break down

I know this is all what you’ve been waiting for let’s get down to the coins… so I make money from the list below

  1. Heartbeat.co – $101
  2. Google Adsense – $5.60 (Will not get until threshold)
  3. Amazon Affiliate – $2.50 (Will not get until $10)
  4. Influenster -$15 (Product Exchange)
  5. Stack Influence – $29.99 (Product exchange) 
  6. Sponsored post – $90 (Product exchange)
  7. Izea – $3.96 (Will not get until $25 which I’m close to)

So these are the companies that help me gain some coins! Heartbeat is winning as always but right now I think their slowing down. I found out Heartbeat no longer has a referral code and that hurts my soul because y’all could be signing up to help me make some coins with ya. Now that’s how I make money on Instagram I’m not looking to make money with my blog yet I’m trying to fix my views I really need 20k views monthly. Then I’ll take on major paid sponsored posts and master Adsense and affiliation.


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My Expenses

This the part I hate lol I literally spend more than I save but anyways my expense are not brutal this month. I actually spend on what is necessary for me to continue using my website and having access to it. Expenses breakdown

  • Shipping Couriers – $77 (I use Quikship!)
  • Internet – $35
  • Tailwind – $14.99

I got $121.06 (80% product exchange) to spend all went to fast food lol I literally did not get to buy no makeup no nothing I’m learning to save y’all. Money will be staying with me! Tweet this Affirmation is you believe so too. I had major issues with tailwind so I had delete my account and start over because it wasn’t taking my visa card.


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How I get traffic to my Blog and Instagram

My two main source of traffic for my blog is Pinterest and Facebook. Pinterest as you all know is not a social media it’s a search engine just like google but prettier lol. It is what is helping my blog to grow tremendously and I love that also joining about 15 Facebook groups lol. #Dontjudgeme

These Facebook groups helped me so much with everything both IG and website. I wouldn’t trade it for anything so that’s why I created my own FB group. I’m going to be changing the name but for now it’s for all my Caribbean newbies who love social media it doesn’t matter your niche or platform of expertise. 



I just opened a Pinterest board of mine if you want to be a contributor hop on over and request to join BLOGLOVIN SHARE BEST PINS


How I get Free Products from Brands

Like I said earlier you can sign up for Influencer Networks or you can reach out to the brands directly requesting to do product reviews. I feel it’s better to contact the companies directly in that way you wont have to worry about no one taking cuts or sending you only 2 samples when you can get the latest line of items.

I email companies I don’t find it professional to direct message a company on Instagram. Truth be told that’s where most of the companies find you to collaborate. How I look for companies to email is easy I basically google or YouTube “cheapest fashion or beauty brands”, go through instagram Hashtags or find some Instagram models pages or use Pinterest.



How to pitch to Brands EMAIL example

In subject line

“Collaboration Inquiry” “Collaboration Proposal” “IG handle x company // Collab”


Hey (PR agent name),

My name is ________ and I’m such a loyal customer to ______ (brand).

I’ve been using your products for couple years now, and they worked wonders on ________ (body part), especially the (name product). My readers also love hearing about the _____ (name brand), and I know many of them love your products, too.


My blog, Nique’s Beauty, sees over (numbers) in page views/month with an incredibly high (percentage) engagement rate. My Instagram @sh_nique also sees about a (percentage) engagement rate. With spring approaching soon, I’d love to share some of your products with my readers on your newest products (name new line).

I would love to partner with you guys in some way.


Nique’s Beauty xo


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