Femme Luxe Finery Try-on Review

Femme Luxe Finery Try-on Review [cap_text full=”no” size=”300″]I[/cap_text]t has been a weird 2019 I have done so many fashion post I am starting to think I’m a Fashion guru lol Is that too much of a title? I don’t know but I like it. Let’s just say I love the thought of fashion but not more than I love beauty. I gave you dolls a Fashion printable of 200+ stores 5 stars to the cheapest of them all. I will add more as soon as they come to me or as a new one hit main stream amongst fashion Influencers on the internet it will be added.

It is my first printable and I feel confident about it. Ok let’s cut the rambling and get down to business.

Thank you Femme Luxe Finery for collaborating with me I really appreciate it. Femme Luxe Finery is an affordable online clothing store from United Kingdom that provides ladies all over the world amazing pieces of clothing for any event. Femme Luxe Finery now has a U.S online store where can also get similar outfits.

However, I was told to pick out few pieces from their website to let you dolls see what’s going on over their basically to do a review/ try on. I love the pieces that was sent. The shipping was a week-long that’s not bad it was perfect timing at that… Femme Luxe shipping rates

    • UK Standard Delivery £3.99
    • UK Next Day Delivery £5.99
    • Saturday Delivery £5.99
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Back story on my body

I am 109lbs and 5ft 2” my upper body is a little bigger than my lower body. My breast size 36c cup and my waist is 25” my hip is 28” so your girl ain’t broad with those over sized booty and firm tits. Lol I remember being 96lbs omg I was struggling my bum and my back was one. OMG so embarrassing I hated wearing jeans pants now your girl owns several jeans heeeeyyyyyy!

Lets get into what I picked out on Femme Luxe

Femme Luxe Finery Try - On Review Femme Luxe Finery Try - On Review

White Floral Lace Bodysuit £16.99

This might be shocking but this is my first ever lace bodysuit I know I’m late to the party but every time I get a chance to purchase it I change my mind and to be honest I don’t know why it’s the weirdest thing. Now I love that I received this lace bodysuit it fits my body so perfectly.  This can be paired with any bottom you desire.

When this bodysuit drop in 2017 having females not only wearing them in the bedroom every female started wearing them out to clubs and dinner. I was shocked because women felt confident enough to rock this with not feel any way about the boobs situation. You can see your nipples poking out, you can use tape to cover if you wish. I myself feel good in it definitely soft material and feels a little weird at the private area its a slim crotch — I am use to bodysuit so it’s no problem to me.

Femme Luxe Finery Try - On Review

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Black Leather Look Corset Crop Bralette  £20.99

This is my FAVORITE I LOVE THIS TOP I saw it on a IG model and I just had to have it. It’s just speaks cat woman all sexy vibe. I love how it sucks to my body really tight just the way I want it. This is a size 6 in U.K. size so I’m guessing it size 2 in US size, just perfect for my 36c cup boobs. I love how you can wear it with any bottom… Starting to think im over using the word love but its a really cute top. You can get it up to size 12 in U.K I’m guessing it size 6 in U.S. The black leather Corset crop bralette doesn’t only come in one colour p.s the black is more sexy!

Femme Luxe Finery Try - On Review Femme Luxe Finery Try - On Review

Rust High Neck Ribbed Jumpsuit £22.99

I expected this jumpsuit to be a bit big like on the model but we all know our body types are different. So top part is a little together not tight but close the bottom is loose I love!…I’m just mad it’s long being short sucks sometimes.. but hey I’m gonna pair this with some 6” heels and call it a Day! The colour is exactly what’s in the pictures on the website. Nothing about this is cheaply made the material is fire.

Black Belted Bodycon Midi Dress £21.99

About this one my bf asked if I was going to ex funeral I hated him for saying that lol but hey he found it sexy on me so it’s still a win. This dress is perfect for a dinner or high-class event. It’s in small so you know it’s tight fitting my body exactly how I want it.

To to be completely honest you know every time I do a sponsored post I feel there’s always one outfit out of the bunch that is not its best. Something is always wrong maybe the top is too loose, a button dropping off the material is cheap put together it’s always something.  Femme Luxe came through with everything these 4 pieces of clothing were made with good material no factory scent you dolls know I hate that smell. All 4 pieces was true to size I’m just a little short lol.

Now that we’re at the end of the post I’m definitely getting some more fits from Femme Luxe.

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