8 MOST Affordable Online Clothing Stores

8 MOST Affordable Online Clothing Stores


HEY Fashionistas!

Been having a really busy schedule these days can barely keep you guys updated but hey! I’m here and I got a brand new post for you. A lot of persons continuously ask me where I find the cheapest clothing stores online to shop or Where can I shop for the most affordable clothes online. Well today is the day that you learn my few favs that I gathered just for you.

*This post contains affiliate links which means if you make a purchase by clicking a link on this page I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. The opinions expressed here are my own and I only recommend products and services I know, use and love. Thank you for supporting my blog!


Top and shorts // Fanny Pack from @rowme
  1. ZAFUL

My no1 most favorite store of all time why? mainly because they were the first store that sponsored my blog and believed in me as a person who can be a fashionista. As times go by I shop from them religiously. Everything I need I say I’m going to check if Zaful has it because they have the cutest summer tops and two pieces ever! Definitely affordable for college students and persons on 9-5 checks if you need some good-looking clothing. They don’t get the best shoes but they got cute handbags, glasses, accessories (makeup tools, YouTube vanity tools, phone cases,etc). Funny thing they even have a men section now so it’s not all about the ladies anymore, the men not only can wear brand names. Now, gentlemen, you can wear affordable clothing like us ladies how bou dat?! Like the top get it here

The site is super user-friendly and the secret is you get promotions and coupons with points all year round never a dull moment on the site. Customer service never disappoints!. Over $30 get a chance to get free shipping over $50 get a chance to get free International shipping.

Dress and Heels

I found this store via Instagram by a famous baddie and I was like I need to check them out when I do I was like oh honeyyyyyyy I like! The clothing is affordable and perfectly made. They have a gazillion things to go through I enjoy going through the heels section even though it’s hard to know the names of the popular shoes that are going around on social media. Remember the days with the Perpex heels, well the plastic looking heels that kim k came out with? Yes, those on Amiclubwear it’s called clear sole heels or stilettos. One thing with the site the login doesn’t work but its 8/10 user-friendly with getting the things because it has categories but they still intertwine which really gets frustrated at times. Trust and believe you will find everything from clothes to shoes to glasses to accessories and bags.

Every day its 50% or more % off clothing and I love it. Only got $50? trust me you can get a suit with that and I mean heels and clothes. FREE SHIPPING is ideal over $50

Shop Now at AMI Clubwear!


  1. SHEIN

One of Neena’s favorite store she discovered Shein through youtubers doing hauls and she wanted to know where the $5 tops and the $10 two-piece sets are from that’s on fire and well they were from Shein. Shein got a very user-friendly site, customer services are good. Quality of clothing is excellent truth be told I’d think it would be crappy because it’s what you pay for, is what you get but in this situation nahh. Honestly, one thing they need to change is the smelling of the clothing they smell too much like a factory. It’s a ladies store 95% female items. Get top here

Shein is also known for helping Youtubers and bloggers by sending some clothing to promote. It’s not an everybody blogger program you must have over 5k followers on any social media sadly I don’t I’m yet to work with them. Promotions all year-long! Orders over $29.99 free shipping for us all! well for us international shoppers we know its $49.99


Two piece set
  1. ROMWE

I just learned about Romwe a few weeks ago because of Neena. Yes, another one of her favs I only shopped from them once and well I bought a romper, handbag, and sneakers because they have it all from clothing to accessories to home living items. The site just blows me away it’s like an online market. The rompers and bag did me real good but as for the sneakers issa No extremely small for the size they are, I pick size 5 and I got a size I don’t know honestly so right now I have a 50/50 feeling towards them. They literally second Shein in with the $5 tops and so on but it’s not the same great quality of the material.

Orders over $49.99 gets us all FREE SHIPPING! they have the points promo thing you get everytime you purchase something like most stores. Customer services is on point they answer your questions briskly and well-mannered.

Oversized Bomber Jacket

Shoot out to Kylie for introducing me to Pretty Little Thing. I bought a few items from them on sale because a baby girl can’t afford OG price but as time pass I realize the promo price is the OG price. They just make it seem like the sales were going to up, after checking out and checking on the site in 24hours the promo is still there. They have a count down time on site to fool y’all just like Amiclubwear. Pretty little things are a UK store online they provide a mass amount of Females Clothing, accessories and heels for a good price. The website is 4/5 user-friendly one thing I hate about it is that they sell the two-piece set separate so to me it’s like your paying more for one thing.

The best thing I love though is that its celebrity friendly you get to be in some of the collab collections with some of yours and my mainstream celebs. My fav section is the sale section lol the shipping to the US is fast USA Standard 5 – 7 working days for $5, USA Express 2 – 3 working days for $15. So if you don’t live in US, UK, CAN, IRE, N/Z, AUS, FR you can’t shop from them. Sorry my Jamaican friends get a Shipme address and you’ll be good. The material for the clothing doesn’t feel cheap whatsoever, well how could it and you pay $15 for a top.

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Now who doesn’t know fashionnova? fashionnova is literally a well know site for hour-glass females. Almost every single female celebrity wears fashionnova #Novababe although Skinny girls like me with little to no booty gotta be searching for size -1 just to fit lol. Fashion Nova is known for sexy jeans for curvy girls in 2016, now they’re just like pretty little things but better they ship everywhere!.

Their website is like 7/10 user-friendly, way too much things to go through 1stpage-50thpage that’s a lot of pages to be scrolling through. The good part about it is that you get to choose from a lot of items. Fashion nova provides you with Clothing, Heels, Accessories and cute bags to match of course. (NEW) They updated their website it’s way better to navigate now!

Fashion nova just got a men section so all my boys can shop those floral vacay shirts and sweat pants this summer. Fashion nova prices vary from $10 – $100 depending on what you like. I always check the sales section and select the drop-down list with items under $10 or clothing under $10 lol. The shipping rates are good $15 FREE Domestic Shipping (2-3 Business Days**); Orders over $75 FREE. Standard Shipping (2-3 Business days**) $6, FREE Canada & U.K. Shipping; Orders Over $75 FREE. Canada & U.K. Shipping $6 FREE International Shipping; Orders over $150** (5-10 days) FREE Standard International Shipping just $10.


Seen Makemechic numerous times on my Instagram through the sponsored ad. I was like another zaful store hmm let me check them out quick. I checked it out of course and to my surprise another one! (Dj Khaled voice). Yay me! I got another store to shop on where I can get tops for $5 and jeans for $15 I fell in love. Makemechic sells a variety of clothing from dresses to tops, from heels to accessories and definitely cute bags to go with your style. The site is very user-friendly I love everything about it.

Shipping was super fast max of 7 days including processing items. Shipping is for $4.90 for standard shipping in America. Material is good not cheaply made tbh im tryna halla at them for a collab because I need new clothes. lol #AmBeingSerious Anyways you get 20% OFF Your First Order.


  1. GO JANE

I bought my first ever booty heels from GoJane. Found GoJane when I was looking for cheap heels because in that time back in 2k16 everyone was wearing over-sized shirts with booties and well I wanted to be one of those girls too. GoJane was known to me for a cheap shoe company but to my surprise they sell affordable clothing for $10 too. I’ve yet to purchase anything else than the heels.

The site is very user-friendly I get to find things quick and easy. Processing took a while but the shipping was quick, they ship locally and internationally. Girl I use Economy shipping just $6-$8 or Standard shipping $8-$10 is not bad if you wanna be extra and get overnight its there for that over high price lol. Free U.S. Economy Shipping On Orders OVER $60! Use Code: SHIP60. 

Want anything especially heels? gojane got you covered just like the stores mentioned above!

I hope I helped with letting y’all know the stores I shop to get the cheap deals and look fashionable on IG lol most of us gotta stunt for the gram that’s cool I aint judging. Sorry I never put no pics for the other stores I kinda can’t find any of them and I’m too busy to model any right now.

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I come to realize this post is heating up! I know its summer and you want to know where to shop. So, I ventured out and find some hot clothing stores that you will love obviously. I am an affiliate of these also so yes I trust them but at the same time do I get my money’s worth? Let’s find out which brands are these below!



I found Lulus via American Influencers It’s almost like Lulus and Nordstorm are influencers favorite place to shop in America for clothes. I personally had to check it out to see what was the fuss about and turns out they do have some cute clothing. If you are like me you go straight to the sale section just to see if they look out for people like us who shop low to high. It’s no shame girl we all do it time to time so they do, their website is very user friendly I literally had no problem navigation. What tick me off a little though their bags are so expensive like girl why? $50 for a bag?


With Lulus you get Free shipping over $50 


Spring Whites, Brights, & Boho Dresses at Lulus.com





DressLily is such an old brand they have been around for quite some time providing cheap clothing for ladies but was also known for cheaply made clothing. They have made alot of changes and is ready to get back out there for the world to see. I like them because they’re more on the thick girl side of life and that’s not bad because the thick girls have been trying to find the best stores to assist them. So, Dresslily don’t have the cheap top thing I love about brands lol tbh they have some really ugly tops and you dolls know I love tops more than bottoms.

Fear not though they have some cute swim wears and maxi dress for the win and you can get free shipping over $45 don’t mind if we do!. The website is very user-friendly I like that about it.


On Dresslily website they want you to know 3 Reasons to shop with them so;

  • Huge range of quality fashion items: Extensive selection of the very latest styles for both clothing and accessories.
  • Buy more, save more: With a world of styles and thousands of products at your finger tips at great prices, your purse will love you as much as your wardrobe.
  • Our customers always come first: You always matter to us. Our highly trained CS team is always ready to support you no matter the issue. When you buy from us, the sale is not complete when we ship, it is complete when you are completely satisfied.



Boohoo reminds me so much of pretty little thing and to my surprise they’re actually associated in some ways along side with Nasty gal. I think they use the same factory and distributor. However boohoo clothing is a little cheaper than pretty little thing ok! a simple bodycon dress cost $10 that’s what I like. OMG I sound so cheap ha! I’m sorry but designers are nice but trendy cheap is nicer. So boohoo came out in 2006 they’ve been around, sadly upon until now they don’t offer free shipping. I’m little bumped about that but hey I like their clothing.

USA Standard Shipping  $8.99 up to 7 days, USA Express Shipping $15.99 2-3 business days. 

With boohoo you get student discounts and you can join their affiliate programme. Also you can shop their MEN section they got some cute T-shirts gentss!

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    July 17, 2018 / 2:21 AM

    you look so pretty and fashion

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      November 16, 2018 / 4:35 PM

      Thank you ♥

  2. Makaela Premont
    April 3, 2019 / 4:13 PM

    I love finding cheap places to shop at but you just have to be so careful with the sizing chart. I’m more of a M or an 8/10 and the sizing for those websites run so small! Gosh!

    • iamniquewallace
      April 3, 2019 / 10:40 PM

      The stores do have different sizes you can check out “fashionnova curve” they have the 8/10 size your looking for hun.

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