Summer Hairstyles 2015

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to 2015 SUMMER! I’ve seen so much different summer hairstyles over the Internet these days and ill love to introduce to you guys all the summer hairstyle my friends and i rock during the summer. In Jamaica we go for long hair in summer time mainly because it differentiate our normal school/work look how so? because going to work and school with long coloured hair is not so professional… but in the summer WE DO WHATEVER WE WANT! lol
Around the world and throughout the seasons women wear a lot of buns and braids when going to gyms. We all know summer is when we truly work all the different types of braids and Hairstyles! For Natural hair Females they wear Senegalese twist, Box braids, Marley twist and Faux locs… Since recent majority of females started to wear Crochet Braids for protective styles.
In America, Majority of persons go for short hair because summer is pretty much HOT and the hair tends to sweat a lot. soo
I finally bring to you the summer Hairstyles!!


Can be done with kanekalon, Afro kinky and Expression Braids


Can be done with kanekalon and Expression Braids

 Braided headbands

If you have long hair this can be easily done with your hair if you have short hair the braid can be purchase online and can be easily done with bobby pins ♥


Can be done with your hair, Kanekalon braid or Expression braid.


Can be done with Marley braid,Yarn/Wool for it to look real and the plastic version can be done with kanekalon or Afro kinky.


Fishtail Braid

Youtuber: Amanda Ensing
Please Enjoy her video
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*Pardon the Quality of the pictures some was taken from google.

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