Jewelry Wishlist


Jewelry, Does anyone of you where jewelries? well i’m a sucker for fashion and jewelry is definitely a part of it. When i was younger my mom let me wear a lot of carrot gold bracelets and earrings which i always lose in the short run lol but as time goes by i learn to realize that a outfit is not always finish without an accessory. Bracelets for one can be worn with anything. Just Put it on your hand and your out of the house in no time. these can be given as really special gifts to anyone! The watch bracelet is more to the perfection side which i seem to love the most. The ones i list below is really beautiful to me and i wish i had them all.

1. Maurices wrap bracelet | 2. BKE gold jewelry | 3.Worthington bracelet | 4. Topshop bracelet | 5. White House Black Market wrap bracelet | 6.Bling Jewelry stackable ring | 7.  Bling Jewelry leather bracelet
The Earrings, Anyone can wear them but not everyone mainly because of culture and religion but as far as im concern earrings should not be something that is wrong. My ears were pierced when i was 3 years old at that time my dad hated the idea but he had to live it because of my mom. As i got older i love large earrings which pulled down my earloop. I realized that was something bad so i started to wear to nobbs. Those are what are listed below, absolutely perfect for the ears and with any clothing with your hair in a bun or ponytail because you want those earrings to be shown. I definitely wish i had these tho…

1.Ki-ele stud earrings | 2. Polka Dot Navy Blue Earrings |3. Kendra Scott stud earrings | 4. Pink Donut Earrings | 5 Kate Spade gold jewelry  | 6. Ying Yang Stud Earrings | 7.Heart and Pearl Earrings | 

A Great Necklace is never too much for a perfect outfit, to me it completes it a little. A chain/ Necklace is something that can be worn whenever or however lol for instance you got a really long chain you can easily double it or put it as a body chain or even can be worn on your head. See a chain/necklace can do a lot and they’re beautiful as is. My utmost favourite down below is the Tree one it reminds me of my Island Jamaica. Just recently i did a post on my Choker necklaces. Read More: D.I.Y Choker Necklace


1.  Dream Catcher Necklace | 2. Minions charm Necklace | 3. Kate Spade emoji necklace  4. Martha Calvo Palm Tree Necklace | 5.  Miss Selfridge Crystal Pendant necklace | 6. Moon Rose choker necklace | 7. Minnie Grace Gold Heart necklace, | Product – AB076 Fashion jewelry leather Double infinite multilayer bracelet factory price wholesales

Now tell me which jewelry you have to be wearing at all time??

*Pictures are from Polyvore

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