Rosegal Halloween Wishlist

Rosegal Halloween Wishlist

1. (1)Hey Loves!

I’m collaborating with Rosegal to bring you this Rosegal Halloween wish list.

First off all of the holidays are approaching way too fast. It’s like my 22nd birthday was just here Oct 13… and BOO!!! Halloween!!! Ok that was a horrible pun on my part, but yeah.  Also in Jamaica we don’t celebrate Halloween but now that I’m in ATLANTA we’re definitely gonna turn up with these bomb outfits. So this list is going have some casual clothing with some costumes or can be wearing as both ♥

1. Rabbit Uniform $13.10

I found this cute bunny fit under the lingerie section lol its cute. Definitely nice for Halloween cause you know a girl got to look sexy in her character for the night. Or this outfit can even be just for your man’s eyes only. Go get it girl ♥

2.   Women’s Fashion High Collar Open Knit Dress  $38.49

I know its fall we got to dress a bit covered up for the weather. So I had to put a knit something on the list and this turtle neck scored. Skimpy dresses not gon cut it for a 45 degrees weather ok?!   Knitted clothing gets the job done plus make you looking good for a night out too.

3. Moon Alphabet Printed Long Sleeved Sweater $24.21

Spooky and also comfy this sweater can be wearing for all of October. Supposedly you don’t have a halloween costume you can just throw on your sweater on October 30-31st just to fit in with the vibe. I dont know but I really like the moon witch craft print on the hood.

4. Black Lace Bodysuit $14.95

This right here as become high fashion. This lingerie is no longer wore in the bedroom only lol. It is now wore with numerous outer wear (eg. Coats, jackets,) to look sexy yet classy for Day events even night. Every girl should own a couple of these if your into fashion.

5. Men’s Casual 3D Print Hoodie Lion Print Sweatshirt $30.51

Oh yes its a man shirt I live through my boyfriend’s closet lol he’ll like this but I’ll wear it. However, In Jamaica it’s not so cold but a nice sweatshirt to throw on with some jeans and sneakers to go wont hurt in the night. Can definitely be wore for outdoor events in ATL too.

6. Shoulder Strap Crossbody Woman’s Bag $22.92

No wish list is complete without a bag to go with the outfits. Rosegal got a lot of purses, bags, backpacks and clutches to go with any and every event.

7. Retro Handmade Weaved Bird Decorated Bracelet $1.48

Handmade items are the most creative. I really like the designs and ties that got it together. Can definitely be a friendship/relationship bracelet. Not too creepy and have a vintage vibe.

8. Tassel Shoulder Bag Corduroy Backpack $17.92

I love backpacks and this is little nice and neat just to carry cellphone and cash maybe some sweets too lol.

9. Bohemian High Rise Floral Harem Pants $17.79

These pants look so comfy and the prints is to die for honestly.

9a. kapok hemp Bohemian pattern wide leg pants $15.10

Just like number 9 these pants have become a hit. I need these the prints are cute, a plus its a high-waisted.

10. Pair of Rhinestone Skull Ear Cuffs $2.76

These are the cutest I dont fancy jewlry but it would be great for high class look for halloween.


Get on over to Rosegal and get yourselves some new fits for Halloween!.

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