REVIEW: Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Dew Drop Highlighter

REVIEW: Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Dew Drop Highlighter

Hey Dolls

The Coconut Dew Drop Highlighter dew any of you guys own this? Get it lol I just recently received this complimentary bad boy from Influenster and I really like it. Lets dive right into the Review, when I got this I was stunted the packaging is really amazing this is my second Marc Jacob product that I own because we all know Marc Jacobs products are real expensive lol. And I own two I’m very much happy to own high end items ♥ Thank you Influenster and Marc Jacobs ♥

Thoughts on Marc Jacobs Coconut Dew Drop Highlighter

However, I’ve use it three times the first was a swatch on my hand and I squeezed just a little pump from the bottle I thought it would be dull but it was very much bright, I was surprised by the outcome of the swatch super glowy! the scent is a little too much for me but it smells like coconut but a bit minty I don’t know how I got that scent but its too strong for my sinus.

Second time using it on my natural makeup look that I always do with powder finish. At this moment  I regret applying the highlighter to my face because it left up my powder foundation it was very hard to blend with brush even though its better to me I’ll tell you why because when I use the beauty blender it lifts up the product from one place to the other then it all over the place looking patchy plus it dries in 20 secs that’s not good at all I had to put my Carli bybel highlighter over it to let it look a bit better.

Third time using it I said 3rd time is a charm lol so I didn’t use no powder finish just using my matte liquid foundation thinking okay maybe it works well with liquid so I damp the fan brush with primer and pump the highlighter on the brush because I pump it on my face the last time not good. Now I use the brush to blend it on to my cheeks it came out good but it was streaky but it looked alright I moved to my nose and did the same thing and it wouldn’t stay on my nose the brush made it look so streaky so I used my fingers and my finger did the same thing has the beauty blender lift up the product and put it back I got really annoyed it worked on my cheeks but not my nose. So I decided I should try it the forth time.

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I’m going to the beach next month and that time I’m going to try mixing it in the foundation to make my face extremely glowy and tacky for that day. Lets see if it works wonders Ill update this post when I do it. You can find this highlighter on Sephora for $45US pricey right? I guess your buying the name and the packaging.



Its amazing glowy

– Smells good just like minty coconut
– Packing great (who can say they have liquid highlighter shape like that? I’ll wait)


– Dries super quick
– Doesn’t work well with powder finish
– Hard to blend with beauty blender
– Its expensive

I will give it a 6/10 stick to you pressed powder highlighters dolls! ♥

The Coconut Dew Drop Highlighter

Xo Nique ♥

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