Artistry Automatic EyeBrow Pencil Refills & Holder

Artistry Automatic EyeBrow Pencil Refills & Holder



New makeup tool for us to test out from an amazing company. Artistry is a company that sells makeup and skincare products within United States, Canada and Dominica Republic also through retailers(Styles Enterprise).

I receive the Artistry Automatic EyeBrow Pencil Refills & Holder and I’m in love. The spoolie side works in my favor because its not like any other spoolie I’ve used in the past its more firm and intacted. I love how it makes my new hair growth on my brows goes in line when im ready to use the pencil to fill in.

How to use Artistry Automatic EyeBrow Pencil Refills & Holder

On the website they states how to use to twist up the refillable brow liner pencil. Begin at the inside of brow and with short, precise, feathery strokes, fill in sparse areas in the brows. Use groomer to smooth and blend as needed.

To achieve the perfect arch. Effortlessly line, fill, and define your ideal arch with the Automatic EyeBrow Pencil, created with internationally renowned makeup artist Itsuki. Available in three shades that work with every hair colour. (Soft Black, Brown and Taupe)

About the pencil its not my favourite it has no pigment, for me I wear highly pigment brows so when you see me you think I have amazing full brows but truly I dont. With the the Artistry pencil its more for models who’s trying to maintain a natural makeup look with just fill in no concealer.

(I’m sorry but I love my draw on brows lol) This is ideally perfect for travels because 2 in 1 is better than having to walk with a spoolie and eyebrow pencil I love the convienence of it.


    • Non-fading, long-wearing, smudge-resistant colour.
    • Lines, shapes and defines brows for a natural looking, matte finish.
    • Shades work with every hair colour and were designed with internationally renowned makeup artist Itsuki.
    • Firm-tip pencil allows for a controlled fine, medium, or thick line and precise application to accentuate and fill in brows.
    • Contains antioxidant vitamin E.
    • Never needs sharpening.
    • Dermatologist tested.
    • Allergy tested, non irritating, fragrance free.
    • EyeBrow Pencil Holder is compatible with all ARTISTRY® Automatic EyeBrow Pencil Refills.
  • EyeBrow Pencil Holder includes a groomer to blend and perfect brows.
Now I currently use the pencil in my hairline at times because when I wear a sleek ponytail my edges go way back so I fill it in with my Artistry pencil. The price for this is very much affordable the Retail Prices on Amway $12.70 – $15.05. For my Jamaican dolls you can get Artistry Automatic EyeBrow Pencil Refills & Holder for $2000 from Styles Enterprise for more information contact by 1 876-818-8462.

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