Pep Voxbox Review || Influenster

Pep Voxbox Review || Influenster

Hey Dolls ♥

I won a Voxbox from Influenster! Its been forever I joined Influenster in 2015 May and I finally gotten a voxbox in my hands. I know what your saying didn’t I won a mega voxbox before? well technically I did but I never received it because of my address. Even though the site says International its not because I’m from Jamaica and cant receive a voxbox until I changed to my address to my ShipMe Address that’s how I got this one. What is Influenster? Learn More Here

These are all the things I got: -Simple Sensitive Skin Expert “Cleansing Facial Wipes”. – Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven “Exfoliator & Face Mask”. – Brew and Renew “Kauai Coffee””Hills Bros””Chock Full o Nuts”. -Max Factore Master Piece Mascara and liquid eyeliner.  -Pure Ice Shine with Gel Tech.

Simple Sensitive Skin Expert “Cleansing Facial Wipes”


This wipes is it removes my makeup with one simple wipe across the face. I am a cake face i love alot of makeup and this wipes to clean it off thats amazing. The scent of it is like a drop of perfume and chemical mix it doesnt have a scent that i could say thats it. The packaging is just like any other wipes but this one is heavy with only 5 wipes. The 5 wipes was very disappointing for me because i fell inlove with wipes so I was force to buy another lol but thats okay. I always forgot to take a picture when im removing my making to show you guess how great this is but i’ll do a update with this wipes by itself as a review. If your make up lover you need this Cleansing wipes dolls! Available for $5.99 (25 wipes)

Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Exfoliator & Face Masque

The Exfoliator and Masque I used this a day after my birthday to cleanse my face after all that makeup I had on and trust me it works! At first I was skeptic about it because of the scent it was way too strong for me I have sinus and the day I put it on my face my sinus was draining silly me but its okay. As said on the back to wet your face before applying I did so and then apply the masque I swore it would be thin but it is very thick and its alot I use the masque twice. After I use it I was rushed to wash it off because I had a date the two days I planned to just put it on and relax. However, when the masque dried my face was so stiff never expected that feeling at all, I let it stay for 30mins max then wash it off with lukewarm water and my face felt like a baby’s butt lol It was so soft. This get a 8/10 from me. Available for $1.99

Max Factor Master Piece Mascara and liquid Eyeliner

Lets talk about the mascara so first when I got this I was like YAAAYZ! I got a new mascara to replace my favourite mascara ever “Jordana Mascara 01 Black” Its the only mascara I use I love it so much might do a review on it stay tuned ? so when I open this mascara and notice that’s not a mascara for persons with long lashes the excitement I had dropped. This mascara is for persons with short lashes or for persons who love putting mascara on their lower lashes well that’s me I wore my Holy Grail on my upper and this one on my lower lashes and trust me it makes my lower lashes look so full.
Now the Eyeliner so I wore this on my birthday and I lost it I cried ? I never wore a perfect wings and trust me this eyeliner did its job I was so shock like I never expect perfection and it gave me it my wings were on fleek I love this liner. The top is flat but i’m sure you can use it on the side. The eyeliner is only available in Target store not online for $9.99
 Brew and Renew “Kauai Coffee“”Hills Bros“”Chock Full o Nuts
Okay so all these coffee taste the same to me I don’t know if its my taste buds but honestly the little different taste I got was from ChockfullONuts it tasted a little like cocoa was in it. Otherwise The hills Bros and Kauai coffee taste exactly like blue mountains peak coffee. First I mix them with sugar and taste it black but it was too bitter so I drank it with condense milk added and they tasted the same I asked my mom to taste and she got the same result so I’m not sure who is coping who but they honestly taste the same except for ChockfullOnuts as stated earlier. I love the thought of the Brew and Renew that’s really Eco-friendly for me. The Kauai Coffee price is $6.99 12ct Carton.


Most all these products I use on my birthday. The name of the pink one I have is After Glow, I wore this for a month Oct 13- Nov 13 took baths everyday and attended the beach twice and the nail polish remained. Normally when I wear polish my nails are very easy to grow out and the nail polish just fades but this didn’t move at all it just stayed and I love that Everyone in my house has on the nail polish with the of the Top Coat ofcourse. And they all love the colour and how long it stays ♥ Great job pure Ice! It applies smoothly and it made in the US. Only $2.97 at Walmart in 18 more amazing shades!

Fun Fact: I received these products complimentary from influenster for testing purposes.” Yass Free stuff for me to try and then review… because I’m Super Girl ♥

XoXo- Nique 


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