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  1. Oh wow. Coconut oil clogged about every pore in my daughters face. It was horrific. Some people can’t use it!

    • I literally hate the scent but i dont have wide pores so clogging is not much of an issue for me all your daughter needs is something to thighten her pores because wearing makeup with large pores is not good at all that causes acne.

  2. I have to admit I seem to switch between wipes and cleanser, I’ve heard quite a bit about oils though. Definitely something I would be interested to try at some point.

  3. Coconut oil works well for so many things. I have never used it to remove make-up. I am going to try it tonight. Thanks for sharing this tip.

  4. I have been using most of these since before micellar water arrived. I think you can add up petroleum jelly to the list. That’s pretty easy and handy to use as well.

  5. These are some great ideas to remove makeup. I dont like oils, because they feel greesy. But glad to hear that it can make skin soft.

  6. I didn’t know that you could use coconut oil to remove make-up! Thee are awesome tips, I like the “soap and water” on because sometimes you have to do it the basic way, lol. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ohh, thanks for this. I didn’t know that Aloe Vera and coconut oil are also good to remove make-ups. My regular remover is soap and water and the commercialised make-up remover. I guess I have now an alternative.

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