My Night Time Beauty Routine

My Night Time Beauty Routine

Hey Dolls

Today I want to share my night beauty routine, “Just a disclaimer what works for me might not work for you.”

First thing I do as it touches 8 o’clock I make sure I’ve eaten and showered my two top things before I jump into bed. To touch a bit on skin care for the past months I’ve been broken out gotten couple open pores, fine bumps and acne scars I had no idea where they came from I could play the blame game all day long but I went out and bought few cleansers for my face.

Skin care

Before I go to sleep I wash my face twice with a blue soap some Jamaicans call “cake soap” I recommend wash your face with this twice a day (Morning and Night) because hunty it dries out your face so much you don’t want to use this every time your face feels greasy. So I wash my face with that then I use my new St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot scrub I use to use the Derma E activated charcoal detox scrub but it work for few works then I see my face start breaking out like I said I’m not going to play the blame game but it did work. I went further to use a cream called Crusader Ultra brand to put back some moisture in my face. I use face mask and exfoliate weekly but this is my night routine for my face so I don’t do those.

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Hair Care

Moving on to my hair care I have natural hair so it tends to get frizzy and knot up if I don’t wear a silk sleeping cap/bonnet and catch my hair up into a pineapple (this is if you have long hair) If you don’t have long hair forget about the pineapple catch up i just mentioned. If you don’t like wearing anything on your head you can always purchase silk sheets and pillow case. Your preference mine is the silk bonnet.


Now, I’m always in loose comfy clothing or skimpy skin revealing clothing in the winter I love wearing my boyfriend T-shirts and sometime my PJ’s in the summer I definitely sleep in a tube top and a shorts sometimes only a marina and underwear and that it. The place is super hot in Jamaica when its summer so i have to wear skimpy clothes to bed if i don’t want to burn up (Ps I don’t got AC I use a fan)

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loves this is my favourite part of the night I turn off the lights and lay down in the most comfortable bed everrrrrrr! Every time I lay in my bed its like I knock out instantly, you guys can get comfy mattresses from Leesa at an affordable cost, their mission is to help people sleep better just like me!  My bed is like paradise sometimes I hate laying in it because it makes me fall asleep quick trust me a comfortable bed will knock you out in an instant but otherwise I love it!

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Movies/TV shows

My sister and I do nightly marathons by choosing a genre of movie weekly so this week tonight we will be watching 3 hours of romantic movies in total that’s 2 movies from 9:30-12:30 so we can fall asleep by 1am everyday this summer! As for the TV shows we watch like 3 episode of those then fall asleep. Our favourite TV shows of all time is The Originals, Pretty little liars, The Vampire Diaries, Orange is the New Black and Power.

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