Marc Jacobs Matte Gel Highliner || Influenster

Marc Jacobs Matte Gel Highliner || Influenster


Hello Dolls! 

Ive gotten another voxbox by Influenster, I was so excited about this because I dont own no Marc Jacobs beauty products and well now I do im so grateful for the little things that has been happening to me for the past year. August coming going to be three years of being a blogger and I’ve never felt so good about myself this makes me want to cry but im not going to thank you all for being apart of my journey. I love you guys ♥

Now lets talk about the highliners you can purchase these at Sephora for $25 I know thats alot for a highliner I said the same but when I used it the quality of it is not like the highliners I’ve used before and besides its not an eyeliner that should only be used on the eyes its a highliner that can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks.


I received “Pink in Me 59” and “(Earth)Quake 41” I used both on the simple look below. Pink in Me is on my eyes water lines its not that dangerous to put products there, the highliner went smoothly on its so creamy and it dries super matte. I expected it to have little more pink thank white but its more white tone than pink toned. (Earth)Quake I mistaken it for Brownie because its brown but earthquake is more earthy dark shade it goes more to black than light brown. When applying it on my lips it was so creamy I could have wore it has matte lipstick but I tried the new instagram 80s line lips and lipgloss. The difficulties I was having with my lips was the fact that the liner dries super fast it has a very rich pigment so it couldn’t blend with the lipgloss properly but it still came out great. I achieve the look I wanted. You can achieve so much looks with these highliners.


Tell me what you think? Would you buy these? Comment Below


Xo Nique ♥

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