Makeup Starter kit For Beginners

Makeup Starter kit For Beginners
Hey Dolls!
I did a video telling you what makeup tools and products you need to start your makeup collection. Some of you kept on asking what do you need to start doing your own makeup in the video its NOT about how to do your makeup I’m telling you what you need to start. Most of the times we go into a beauty store and practically turn fool because we see so much pretty and affordable items that we would like and end purchasing what we don’t want that’s exactly what happened to me when i was starting out and then  I just sat my self down and think about my features and what ill like to correct.
So I thought I needed 
 Brushes/ Beauty Blender
 Eyeshadow Palettes
 Setting spray
 Blush Palette
 Eyeliner pencils
 Lipsticks,Lip gloss, Lip pencils
Moisturizer and Primer. Great makeup begins with great skincare.
In summation I was a bit nervous in the video because I’m still learning how to be a youtuber because ill always be a blogger first. so bare with me I was rambling all over the place lol but I still cover some points. Thank you for reading ♥
P.s Please check out my last post about my clothing line announcement really need all the support I could get ♥ CLOTHING LINE

Xo Nique ♥

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