How to Transition from Coffee to Cocktails

How to Transition from Coffee to Cocktails

Hey Dolls 

Todayyy I’m going to show you how I transition from day to night. Im going to give you a scenerio where you wake up in the morning to get coffee and do Errands and then go clubbing in the night in the same exact outfit. Dont think its possible ? read below ♥

So wake up get ready, I go out for coffee in a natural makeup look with lipgloss, my hair in a pony tail, nob earrings and cross over shoulder bag which you all know you should have a clutch purse with your money. Any earrings I always have hoop earrings and Makeup like mascara and eyeshadow palette with a Red/dark lipstick inside your shoulder bag. (would you guys like a post with items every girl needs to have in her bag?)

I‘m always prepared for a day change I think every female should though because youll never know when you’ll meet up with a long time friend thats leaving the country the next day lol thats extra but its true. However as for the clothing you could be in an oversized Tshirt and pants with sandals to switch that to night you could tie the tshirt at the side and fold down the pants foot and get heels or just continue to wear your sandals. It’s like making it work on Budget. 

As for your hair you could pull out the pony tail and fluff the hair out or even style it by giving yourself a top bun and let the back out. Now you look super hot for the club your welcome ♥

Do you guys realize how much accessories can change how you look?





Xo Nique ♥

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