5 Cheap Swimwear Brands for Summer Starter Pack

5 Cheap Swimwear Brands for Summer Starter Pack

Hey Loves!

Its been a minute I’ve been trying to get my blog together because as you can see I rarely post these days. It’s mainly because im working an 8-5 so baby girl barely got time to type up anything and the little time i get day off I rest. So baby girl aint got time to do nothing, truth be told I got tons of drafts to put out but I can’t come to finish them. I got reviews to do to it’s a whole lot, thinking of quitting my job and becoming a full-time blogger what you think?

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Sooooooooooo let’s get into the swimwear brands #1 goes to *drum roll*


You dolls know I love zaful clothing. I received a bikini from them while back I actually love how it fits my body wa a bit skeptic about bikinis and no cover up I don’t just insecure about my bikini line (maybe its just me idk). Swim wear for xs to xl for both males and females.

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Starting to love Shein they have everything. They don’t only have Bikinis they have monokinis, floats, beach bags and cover ups. Its 2018 who is covering up anywhere? ladies is time to show what you mama gave you. YOUR BODY IS PERFECT! We should really quit thinking our size is the worst thing that could happen to us when its time for spring and summer!

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We were so skeptical about them because we’ve seen mixed reviews from Youtubers and Influencers. But hey the swims arrived and neena lived for them, they fit her body real good material was good too. Nothing felt cheaply made. Their swimwear ranges from $8-$15 worth it if you ask me and shipping is fast. Want cheap swims visit em!

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Cheap Swimwear Brands for Summer


I’ve receive these swimwear when I was a brand ambassador for whatsmode. The material is amazing, shipping takes really long well it’s from china. They have cute and affordable swims not gon lie. Buy with faith just saying! The reviews weren’t has good.


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Every Youtuber knows this store with ’em missed opinions and views. I personally never bought swimwear from them but i bought beach accessories like barefoot sandals and bralette jewelry. They always come in one piece and I love them. They swims are cheap with cute overload and they have swimwear for all sizes so babyg if you’re double x they got you covered. they ship local and international.


Fresh off the block we have another affordable store to shop that can provide you with numerous size selections and colors. They have amazing women swimsuit for low as $5.

These stores online are the most affordable stores. If you don’t believe me hop on over there by clicking to check out what they got for you this summer!. Loads of Promos too ♥

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It’s 2019 and I’ve seen how big this post has gotten and I couldn’t turn a blind eye and don’t update it. I discovered 5 more bikini companies that I grown to like because they have some really exotic bathing suits. I know we all want to stay on the cheap side of life because most of us go by budgets. So these swim wear companies don’t rank more than $50 for a swim wear.

Who is ready to show more skin for Spring and Summer break? I know I am. Damn! I remember couple years ago I hated wearing bikinis because my boobs was bigger than my bum and I look awkward. Moving on to a one piece my vagina area was a focus so I had to wear shorts or coverup lol I was so insecure.

Now your girl is Bold BOLD I don’t care about my size, I weigh 109lbs and I feel sexy in any bathing suit I put on. Get some body confidence stop letting your fears get to you girl YOU’RE SEXY!

Now lets get into it!

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Cupshe is a California-inspired swim and beachwear brand. Has been out for couple years now 2015 providing ladies with very much affordable swims with a lot of different styles. They pay attention to details not bad for a cheap brand. The swims prices range from $18-$30

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Icon Swim

Icon swim as came on the scene since recently showing all out the swims from $12 – $25. I found them on Instagram and you know Instagram stores tend to be an the expensive side turns out their not so bad. Their designs are unique I don’t think you’ll see some of their designs anywhere.



In the past I dislike Sammy dress clothing because of all the reviews I’ve seen on YouTube were horrible in 2016 no shade. Fast forward to 2019 not bad Sammy dress com through. Sammy Dress “Swim wear” section is my favorite place they have some really go to designs in the bikini section. They have really basic monokinis and sizes for all with  prices $6 – $20.



I remember going on a shopping spree with Yoins in 2017 I regretted it. Their pieces weren’t the best very much cheaply made and customer service plays hide and seek. I thin they have upgraded since because small actually means small not medium or large. I don’t recommend buying their custom made well buy with faith.



Dress lily has been around some time now not new to any blogger or YouTuber. They provide you with clothing internationally, I dislike how plain their swims are but im a found of the sizes from S – XXL. Bathing suit as cheap as $10 with free shipping over $45


I gave you dolls a Fashion printable of 200+ stores 5 stars to the cheapest of them all. I will add more as soon as they come to me or as a new one hit mainstream among fashion Influencers on the internet it will be added.


  1. June 3, 2018 / 6:37 PM

    Such a good post idea! Totally checking out these websites!

  2. amillennialsmusings835546524
    June 3, 2018 / 7:05 PM

    fantastic post – already checking out the websites and loved that there were suited for all body types. xoxo

  3. Priscilla Perez
    June 3, 2018 / 7:28 PM

    Will be looking into each of these websites for the perfect summer bathing suit

  4. Lady of Spots | Paige Dawber-Ashley
    June 4, 2018 / 8:08 AM

    In love with that pink bikini from Zaful! Im going to have to check out their website before I go on my trip in August x

    • iamniquewallace
      June 4, 2018 / 9:49 PM

      Definitely you should items are bomb!

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