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How to Dutch Braid with Noir Afrotwist braid || Protective Style

Hey Dolls! ♥

I recently did a protective style on my Youtube channel. Are you familiar with the term dutch braids? If not dutch braids are regular corn rows with a fancy name lol French braids are inside corn rows (in Jamaica we say cane rows lol it works hand in hand for us). This is a long overdue request from a lot of Neena’s friends at school they really wanted to know how Neena achieved those amazingly long neat braids and well Neena does the braids in her hair for herself but this time she did on me to demonstrate you all can try this yourself its pretty easy if you pay attention to the steps thats shown in the video below!

Products Used:
– 1 pack Noir Afrotwist Braid
– Eco Styler Gel “Coconut Oil”
– Bristle Brush
– Tail Comb
– Size 10 Crochet thread

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