Ebates Scam or Legit??

Ebates Scam or Legit??

Hey Guys!

I’ve learnt about this site called EBATES and I wish to share it. I was a bit skeptic about it, I joined in 2014 but never used it until July 2016. I honestly think it was a scam that’s why I never used it all this time and well I barely shopped online too. However, Ebates is a site that gives promo deals, coupons and cash back on any purchase you make online they’re affiliated with over 1000+ stores online, you just need to find the best deals with the chosen store.

So this summer I became a shopaholic and I tried to get coupon codes and deals everywhere until i stubble upon my favorite Youtuber talking about Ebates, I open another tab immediately and went straight onto Ebates I couldn’t remember my password from 2014 so I created a new one and I’m so glad I did mainly because I actually see percentages of the money being cashed back.

The easiest way to use Ebates is to get it in your toolbar once its there and you go on any given store it will pick up if you can get discounts or apply promo codes for you. Always allow it to redirect to the store for it to be valid.

You can cash out your balance through Paypal or Get a big fat check delivered in your mailbox! The disadvantage of this is that you can only cash out in 2 months time so if you got money in your account October you have to wait until December to cash out. I honestly don’t mind, it gives me time to build up a good amount of money to cash out.

As you can see in the picture I’ve earned cashback from my favorite stores! You can go in settings and choose all your favorite stores so Ebates can be alerted. You can also refer friends so you earn cash!

If your a shopaholic or just want to buy few things online and wish to gain couple percent back use my referral link and sign up ! Its easy! You’ll get $10 just for signing up through my link!

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