Designing for the future: Trends we need to consider now

Hey Dolls

As you all know I’m a Beauty and Fashion Blogger, this blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader

Century Clothing
Trends we should consider now, I’ve never been to a prom or a ball before but I would love to go I was thinking how is that clothing for balls and prom has change so ridicuolously person are literally wearing nothing to prom. In the 1800s wearing corset and cage crinoline was a big thing dressing like a princess. We should definitely make that a trend for now and the future. Wearing big clothes was a 90s thing but stop since the 2000s because everyone wants be in skinny jeans and tight clothes that stop your blood circulation. I would definitely love if mom jeans became a trend and over size shirt. For example fashion has become a trend that will never stop lately on Instagram lingerie that has being worn privately when in home is now being worn on the street as a trend.

Makeup: Highlight Brush
You all know highlight is a new trend I doubt it will ever get out of style because blush as been here for years. I know we have fan brushes and powder pressed highlighters and also liquid highlights to use but what if the highlighter came with the brush I got a drawing of the picture below my question to you is will you use it? I know I love looking glowy we might change it from being all over the face but it looks good on the cheek bones on the eyebrow bone. This is my design for the future that hopefully will become a trend. Wouldn’t be me if I didnt think of creating something ♥

Artist: Trevez Allen, IG: @keem_libra

Hair Style

If you have relaxed/perm hair stop doing it go back to your natural roots make that a trend! Wearing cute protective styles like fauxlocks and 90 braids.


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