REVIEW: Studex’s Sensitive Earrings Collection

REVIEW: Studex’s Sensitive Earrings Collection

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This post is so long overdue and I’m so mad at myself about the situation. I literally signed up with a shipping company not going to call names but they are literally the worst. They stole my package for a month and 2 weeks I just got them today June 5th. I could say all the bad things in the world to describe them because they cost me a really good collaboration. I had to write-up an email letting Studex know how truly sorry I am for what wasnt my fault but hey the show must go on.

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About Studex

Studex is an earring company that provides you with mostly stud earrings with tons of different designs and sizes. They also prove you with a piercing health kit and equipments to get your piercing on.

About Studex Sensitive Earrings collection

So, on site Studex Sensitive Earrings is a set of Fashion Earrings for Sensitive Ears/Metal Allergies. Its says its Allergy Free (hypoallergenic)
-Sterilized and sealed packaging
-Medical Grade, Surgical Stainless Steel
-24K Gold Plated (Gold Styles)
-FDA Compliant Manufacturing and Sterilization Process
-Lifetime Guarantee and Made in USA
-Over 60 different styles to choose from


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It was so red the lady just push the earrings in immediately after she pierced it not giving me a time to breathe lol. My pierce took 2 years to heal every time i remove the earrings to clean it I had to pierce my earrings back to get the earrings to go in so it was frustrating. I wore the same earrings up until today I will be changing them to my new studex sensitive earrings.


Next question; Do you invest in pricey earrings in order to avoid this but end up losing them? Absolutely my dad always want to buy 10K-16K gold earrings for me to wear. I remember exactly a day when my dad bought me 16karat gold earrings gave me in the car for my 15th birthday and in that same hour of receiving the earrings my father was driving and I had them showing my sister and my dad made a sudden stop and then boom!.

One earring flew somewhere until this day I don’t know where it flew and I didn’t tell my dad, I always tell him I put it for a souvenir because it’s the first I’m ever holding so much karats in my hands (the lies i tell). From ever since I was a kid my dad never trust wash over golds he claimed they did awful things to ears so he stick to his karat gold mine lol.


Thoughts on Studex’s Sensitive Earrings Collection

My experience with Studex’s Sensitive Earrings Collection was good and a bit off I had them in for 4 days then remove and clean because it irritated the holes of my second piercings and it started to look red and itchy. When that happens I know for sure these earrings are not for my second piercing so I should stick to my medicine earings until further notice. The first piercing I experienced no itching no nothing im guessing with 18 years old piercing you can rock any kid of earrings in them.

I also received the after piercing lotion I’m not sure why I received it but i use it to clean my piercings. I learnt after that I still needed to use alcohol because my second piercing was irritated. Took 2 days break from the earrings, Theyre back in and ready to stoled by my annoying friends. lol

Would definitely recommend persons with over five years of ear-piercing to wear because if it’s a new piercing it will itch.


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