DIY Choker Neck lace

• Lets kick off summer with these Cute DIY Necklaces •
 Lace and Old Pendant ♥
 Ribbon and Old Pendant ♥

Our D.I.Y Choker Necklace

You like?
Item Used
• Ribbons
• Black shoes lace
• Old Earrings
• Old Necklace
• Embroidered Thread
Trust me this is nothing difficult nor time consuming. First we did was cut and tear apart old accessories that we never wear. Use our school ribbons and our shoelaces. Secondly we find ways to get the jewelry attached to the ribbons, lace and thread. Lets use the last pic for an example the channel was a buckle like thing on my school shoes and I torn it off and slide the ribbon through the back piece as for the other necklace we used two embroidered thread with a little chain that we ripped up with pliers and the leaf was from an earring, so all that was put together to get these lovely necklaces.
Now how we got them to lock? Easy! all we did was tie it and wear it.
LET SEE YOU TRY THESE! Recreate one of these necklace in your own style and tag me or neena.
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Love Always xoxo
Model: Neena

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