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4 Best Ways to Remove Makeup

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I was just in my bathroom with a beat face and I started to think about products that can remove my makeup. Not just any products though , products that have my face feeling amazing after. Guessing you thought about it too unless you wouldn’t be here. Makeup is cute and all for just several hours but when its time to sleep. Best believe you need to remove your makeup to get back that fresh face you had before all that beat. 4 ways to remove our makeup some of these products are even in your home how cool is that?

How to remove Makeup


  1. Makeup Wipes/Baby Wipes

When I just started it out with makeup I used my niece wipes to remove my makeup. Yes I know why baby wipes? but at that time in 2k12 (whew time flies) I didn’t know what was best to remove makeup than baby wipes lol I never liked reading so googling was not my strength. How to remove your makeup with wipes is simple all you need is a cheap pack of wipes and just use one per day (that’s if you wear makeup everyday). Use one side for your face use the next side for your eyes and lips. About the makeup wipes my fav is the Simple makeup remover wipes even though it’s just 5 comes in a pack. The scent of it is amazing and plus its cheap.

    2. Coconut Oil (Any Oil)

Now a lot you gon say coconut oil how? Well yes coconut oil can be use for so much things in life its amazing. I’m not a huge fan of coconut oil because of the scent but it works wonders for my face leaving it super soft. First how I use the coconut oil is by pouring a little on my finger tips and massage it on my face in circular motions. At the end of rubbing it around your face make sure you have a warm cloth near by because this is what going to be used to remove it off your face without making a mess. After this if you don’t like the greasy feeling on face get yourself a scrub.

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 3. Make-up cleanser

A cleanser is safe but not safe enough to rub on your lids to get rid of the eye-shadow. I love using it though because it removes my makeup way better than makeup wipes. How to use the cleanser is the same as the oils is the cleasner is liquid. The cleasner i use is from Farmacy Beauty it’s not liquid until applied on the face it melts. Theres tons of cleanser out there to use. You just need to find the best suited for your skin type. Mostly go for the cleanser that don’t have Parabens, formaldehyde and artificial coloring.

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4. Soap and Water

Yes soap! no sweet bar soap than you bathe with ma’am. Face soap any face soap of your liking can be used. My personal use when all the products above is out I use a blue soap in Jamaica called “Cake Soap”. This soap basically removes makeup good but often dries out your face because of numerous washes. I normally soap up my face rub it into my skin then take a warm rag and wipe it off upwards. You can always wash your face off with room temperature water.

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Aloe vera

Lets be honest all of us don’t normally have this in our home but hey it can be used remove your makeup.


How do you remove your make up?


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