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Today Last year was the first time i joined the blogging world and so far it has been a struggle. when i started i was first on a website called bubblews which scammed me. I joined that site thinking finally i can get paid for my writing but i guess not -.-. My first blog post on blogger was 5 Ways to Clear the Mind. At that point i was really discouraged a little but has i continue to scroll through youtube and google trying to understand how to be a blogger. I stumbled upon my favourite youtuber channel Samantha Marie (Beauty Crush) i was blown away of how her blog. it was so clean and understandably beautiful. I copied everything she did lol because i was so inspired. I tried to get the same template she had but little did i know she paid for her blog to look that perfect.

After few weeks i setted up my blog and gave it a really stupid url (neenaannique.blogspot.com) now look at that i got no views, no shares, no comment. It was just pathetic i lost so much interest after a couple months because no one will view my blog and i was entirely shy never wanted to share it to my social medias because i don’t think my followers and friends would even read anything i write. Besides it was back to school no one really had time to read up about confidence in self and self esteem blog post.

After seeing all the disappointment i switched lanes to Hair and Beauty. Mainly at that time i was just starting my transitioning hair journey. I started posting everything i read about hair with my thoughts in everything. Still no views! so i gave up like a regular teenager when things don’t go our way lol. I focused on school and post on the blog when i totally forgot about it. When i learned about google adsense i got excited thinking finally im going to get paid, turned out i get paid by persons clicking on ads O.o how dumb? Nobody actually click ads I then youtube everything about “how to get paid to be a blogger” turns out they said i should do sponsored post join couple sites that pays you to post and do sponsored posts on all my social media.

I joined tons and tons of site with my very small blog which the only time i get views is because i view it from another P.C or my phone that’s how sad it was but now i quit the sites and just concentrate on my blog and so far i’ve got views, comments and made friends and trust me i put in a lot of work this summer to achieve the blog i got now which isn’t a 100% but its something and guess the funny part i haven’t spent a cent on my blog. Dana Fox led me to love my blog and i thank her for that because she gave me so much tips from her icanbuildablog.

This summer i’ve learned to love what i got and what i have done to get what i have now. I dont know about you but my blog came a very long way. The truth about my blog right now is that Nique is the only one running the blog and its alot of work, but i’m still grateful for how much work i put in to get it to look this decent for all of you. I Got viewers from almost 100+ Countries around the world never expect people from israel and bora bora to know that my blog exist ☺ anywhoo  What you think about my new header? 

I just want to say having a blog is a lot of work but it comes with alot of perks, has to where brands will want you to promote their stuff and you’ll get paid for it. Secondly if blogging is a hobbie do not take sponsored posts it’s just not the best option. thirdly if you your a small blogger DON’T DO AFFILIATE brands will never look at your blog i’ve been there more like still going through it and i’m getting 3k-4k views a month moreover some brands want 10k tops! So not to get your feelings crush by rejection just work on your blog Get those views and comments Up!! Content is key! Goodluck! ♥

I so want a youtube 🙁 if i get one will you subscribe?

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