• Thank you @vanityplanetstore for this amazing Aera facial steamer. .
Y’all it’s simple to use and makes my face feels extremely soft. All you have to do is fill the little tank on the back and turn it on and boom it’s ready to get you the best feeling ever
.  I recommend using essential oils on the first go because the “new” scent is not amazing. I had major problems with inhaling that so get your selves some CBD oils. 
This was a must have used over the valentine’s weekend and you can own one to include in your skincare routine or have full blown spa day with friends. .
I honestly recommend this no jk I love it 😻 again thank you #vanityplanetstore I have 40% off code too y’all ✨SH_NIQUEXAERA ✨use it to get some coins off ✌🏼 #VPPartner #VPBeauty #Aera
  • Just a little #throwback 🧚🏼‍♀️💚
  • Year 2020 took a whole turn for me and I’m very Thankful for life. This is me on the weekends ✌🏼🥳
  • Make Silent Moves. Take Risks. Seek No Validation. Just do what lights your SOUL 🥂
______________________________  On face: 
@maybelline #superstayfoundation Toffee Caramel 330 n #fitmefoundation Golden Caramel 332
Concealer: @elfcosmetics #24hrcamoconcealer “Tan latte” x “ Deep Olive”
Eyebrows: @benefitcosmetics #kabrow #24hrbrowsetter x @veilcosmetics complexion fix “Light 2G” 
Eyeshadow: @Pixibeauty x @thatsheart #pixipretties 
Highlighter: @pixibeauty x @rachhloves #highlighterpalette 
Eyelashes: @prettiilashes 3DG10 #prettiilashes 
Lips: @pixibeauty x @maryamnyc #mattelastliquidlip
  • I’m hosting a free event where every new, old, in the middle, slack off, tryna be blogger, influencer, youtuber, vlogger and instagrammer oh yes the photographers are welcome! This event is just to have conversations and get to know ppl on another level. a drink wine and champagne I might add. 😉⁣
Networking is the new year vibe! Solely Positive Energy for 2020 leap year!
  • Finally in 2020 🥂 Life’s Good. ✨#happynewyear
  • Merry Christmas loves! 2020 is so near! 🎄🥂 #servingforeheadrealness
  • Hello December 
Finally you have entered the chat lol 17 days in but I’m still here. Feel like I’ve abandoned you dolls fret not still here, giving RiRi inspired looks even tho my sister thinks it’s more Beyoncé inspired. lol I’m just living here it ok! So have y’all cover everything or even one thing on your vision board?? Share how 2019 was for you below!
Dress 👗: @femmeluxefinery
  • Soo I’m stil here might not be posting as often but your girl still breathing lol😽😽 This day was a chill day ✌🏼 .
Leaving some words of encouragement 🙌🏼 .
You’re going to get some good news. The universe is changing your situation. You are coming into a new season of blessings. Get ready for it 🤝👏🏼
  • Thank you @praz_naturals for sending me these goodies: Cranberry Detox Mask, Face Revive Oil and All In One Oil. 
First time using the cranberry detox it burned my face because I used a lot and I never add any oils or anything so note to self putting on a powder mask always add oils it helps. Plus on the bright side your face will feel moist and soft after you won’t experience any dryness. 
On my second attempt using the products I love them all I added the Face revive to my daily skin care after I use my Biore witch hazel toner. It helps my face to maintain its moisture and softness. 
I use the All in one oil in my hair on my edges since I had in my faux dreads. Gotta keep those edges healthy ladies 😬♥️. #skincare #praznaturals
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  1. It was interesting to read you also because I like you in this area and I’m interested in understanding how to grow my Instagram account and make it attractive to brands …

    • Girl they say with constant uploads of quality content you’ll surely get followers… I need to start uploading more

  2. Thank you for sharing your money making skills for Instagram, It’s actually the next step I would like to take my instagram following is continuing to increase. I don’t know the first steps in making money on social media and found this information very helpful

  3. wow, honestly, i really enjoyed readying this article. this is definitely one of my favorite yet. Thanks for sharing girl.

  4. This is so amazing that you were able to make money on Instagram. I don’t use Instagram a whole lot, but after this reading I might to start using it more to see if I can make money on it as well. This was very informative for me.

  5. I don’t know with others, but from experience the income from blogging is not fixed. There are months when there’s nothing, but some other months it would just pour in.

    • I know right I just started with adsense and affiliate hopefully in 2019 I just only dont do sponsored posts

  6. Congratulations! I started earning for sponsored posts about three months ago and I really like it. Also, Heartbeat is my favorite network of influences, although I use a few more.

    • Girl this is a beauty and Fashion I cant coach a soul on rships lool over here learning day by day to keep mine from going south but you can still apply for heartbeat company you just selct your niche and they email you surveys to see if your a best match.

  7. This is super informative and I have never thought of doing an income report (though I barely make anything off of Instagram :)). I have received a lot of free products, many of which I love in exchange for a pic featuring the product and tagging the maker. Great idea for anyone looking to monetize through social media.

  8. Congrats on making money with 4.8k followers! Thanks for sharing the platforms you use. I have close to 3k followers, but haven’t attempted to work with brands just yet. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try in 2019!

  9. This is an innovative way of making money. You are having fun and earning at the same time. Many people must consider this.

  10. This is a great read, full of good advice! I’m brand new to all of this, so I’m going to definitely have to save this post for the future when I get a bigger following on Insta 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. I didn’t even realize I could earn money in Instagram. Looks like I will now have to step up my IG games and other social media platform.

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