How we spend our Christmas!

Heyy Lil mama’s && Papa’s

Neena && I christmas was kind of fun in some sort of way ☺

We were suppose to attend a family reunion in montego bay, jamaica but it was cancel because majority of our family members couldn’t make it. This family reunion was suppose to be a excited, exhausted, annoying, fun yet dirty laundries (untold stories) would come out if you know what i mean 🙂 it was very important to all of us especially to my mom, she hadn’t seen her dad in about 36 years thats really long! 3 decays…

Moreover, Neena and i spend christmas with just mom, big sis and bro and their annoying kids (i love polite kids) but it was fun because i ate so much food and i cleaned the house from top to bottom the food was my reward. ☺ My mom cooked roasted pork, baked chicken and curry mutton with rice & peas (hmmm tasty) and that sorrel drink with rum cake and casserole (omg talking about this food makes me hungry) 

I get to eat alot of food. Christmas is the day people sin most because you eat so much even though you dont want it 🙂 its in the bible..

For christmas neena and i did our DIY braces. We didnt go no outdoors We stayed in and watch alot of  christmas movies. “My christmas heart” made me cry. Home alone and the Grinch Omg laughter i love jim carrey so much gonna meet him one day !

In Jamaica on christmas day these slangs are not said;
1. “You just a eat down the place like its christmas”
2. “Beg you a money nuh? Think a everyday a christmas”
3. “Yuh just a give away everything suh, yuh mussi think a christmas”

Lool Patios ❤
Xoxo Nique

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