How to use Influenster || Pros & Cons

How to use Influenster || Pros & Cons

This post has been long over due I’ve been apart of the Influenster family for more than 4 years. I’ve receive numerous voxboxes and megaboxes over the years. So, I think I’ve earn the right to talk about the pro’s and cons regarding everything about them right?! This is not a paid post even though I wish it was lol this post was suggested by couple of y’all so you’re welcome ? 

I remember joining Influenster in the fresh good old days when they just came out no celebrities attached to their brand. Back then everyone and their moms were joining and getting free stuff. When I started my journey as a beauty blogger  in 2015 and I had no content, I rarely use any “known” brands. I couldn’t shop online and to tap it off I was not located in the USA. Ha! So, you must be saying how did I manage to get a box? For a whole year of adding my Influenster referral link to every social media introducing people from all over to join. Saying this means Influenster in 2015 wanted more people to know about them so they could get more brands to notice and collaborate with them. So I did what I needed to do!

Reaching out to people helped me get voxboxes it grew my impact score. In 2016 I Finally received an email saying I won a mega voxbox I should fill out a survey and boom! I get a box of goodies Ha! Boy was I fooled. I wrote a whole blog post saying I won a box  I send numerous emails letting them know I never got a box. After all that I was told “You are not located in the United States sO yOu aRe noT eLigiBle to gEt a boX”. Influenster lied saying they were an international brand they weren’t. I was so CRUSHED I let it be until I got myself an American address and grew my social media accounts and finally 1-2 voxbox every month ?


Being apart of the Influenster family is completely FREE! You don’t need to pay a dime.


How to sign up for Influenster?

    1. Go on the website 
    2. Sign up 
    3. Download APP (Very Important)
    4. Fill out every information they ask
    5. Connect all socials
    6. Share Influenster with friends
    7. Join their Facebook group (it helps!)


Just for the 411 

You don’t need to be a blogger, YouTuber, Influencer or any content creator of that sort to get a voxbox. You can literally be a nobody and get cheap and high end products in a cute box from Influenster. #facts


What is a Voxbox?

A Voxbox is a box filled with beauty, lifestyle, hair products, kids, food (human & pet) and fragrance. Those are the top items that they send out to people. 

sometimes you can get a Mega Voxbox this is when they have a lot of brands reaching out and they have a lot to samples to get tried OR they reach a  awesome milestone and they y’all to celebrate with them you receive one. For e.g Anniversary, Seasonal blow out for brands, Social media success point, etc.

Now how do you get a voxbox?

I wouldn’t say it’s easy by doing all of the points above but it’s that simple to just do the steps and wait patiently. Trust and believe a lot of persons wait 6 months to a year before they get a box it has gotten that bad. But fear not its worth it when the products reach your doorstep.

You get the chance to try hits and miss products from all kind of brands. I wish i could provide you with a cheat sheet of getting voxbox. however heres what I know once you have all social media and website connected you have 95% chances of getting boxes. By this they know they’ll be sharing on 90% of your social accounts which 50% of the time don’t have the same 


Improving Your Chances of Getting a VoxBox 

On your profile, you’ll see a section called Snaps. Snaps are quick questions that determine if you qualify for a VoxBox.

You’ll want to make sure that you check your Influenster dashboard frequently and answer any Snaps that you have available. I personal don’t answer the snaps but they do help with getting voxboxes out to you.

How do I get a Voxbox monthly?

I don’t get Voxboxes monthly anymore mainly because I don’t share all the products I get on my Instagram. Plus sharing on Instagram and show love is a must for Influenster. Sometimes I fail to do reviews because I haven’t tried the products and finally use them a month after and at that time Influenster is wrapping up their badges. (I know I’m giving an I dont care vibe but trust me I care)

So, to be on Influenster good side and get boxes monthly. 1. You should always connect with them let them notice you. 2. Be more verbal and active on their app, they love that!. When you get your first voxbox please do everything in a timely manner that their badges require. 


Will I be able to choose what I want in my box?

Absolutely NOT but to be honest I would love that option because some products I get to try are the worst of the worst. I would personal love to pick and choose which brand I want to represent and write about. However, that what the surveys are there for to understand which brands to match you with when they are ready to do voxbox campaigns.


How will you know you qualify for a box?

They send out a survey to your email or a text message please have an active email address attached because you don’t want to miss a chance of opting into a bombshell Voxbox from a brand your dying to try but don’t have the cash. 


I don’t have a lot of information on how to get followers on Influenster because I don’t pay attention to new features. I find them irrelevant I feel it’s becoming like a social app. However for y’all newbies make sure your on their app chatting it with people and make friends



Does leaving reviews help me qualify for VoxBoxes?

In some ways Yes! because if you’re not active on my website/app as much how would they notice you? And here’s the No! Spamming them with  “so called” positive reviews just because you want to be seen will not help, if you didn’t know some people use influenster as a review site to test products. Me, she and the old lady wants to know if we should waste our coins so, honest reviews on the products you use daily will get you noticed. Trust me they are watching 🙂



To some this all up I wish that one day they collaborate with clothing brands cause a girl can use a nice pretty little thing outfit here or there you know or Fenty savage lingerie Ha!

I love Influenster and I’ll definitely recommend it. If you’re an American you have better chance of getting Voxboxes.

You can use my refferal link to sign up here


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