Inspiration Story: Dreams

Hey Beautiful People!

Some how today I’ve decided to post this after months of being in draft. Why i’ve decided to post this? because last night i read several blogs of ” how persons succeed in blogging” and the thought hit me as to why i haven’t post this after so much months. Im not even going to edit it because i want you to understand how i was thinking in the past. I have different goals and dreams now after months of more knowledge and understanding of life. So lets read what the past of me had in mind.
 Everyone has a Dream it’s whether you want to be a doctor,teacher and police own a store be a model in life or want to be a famous person when you get older it doesn’t matter a dream is a dream it could be the silliest thing in the world it’s still a dream in your eyes and in a lot more 🙂
I know allot of you thinks dreaming is stupid because you can never get that dream to come true but guess what if you work really really hard towards it. I guarantee you it will come true don’t sit back and dream and expect it to just happen– Nope! it will never! and if you reach half way and nothing is still happening don’t give up because right there you’ll lose everything and you have to start all over again..push to the very end!

Now don’t let NOBODY tell you that you can’t get what you want…NEVER let that happen because if you listen to people you’ll never reach nowhere in life so always remember to put your best foot first and you’ll achieve what’s at the other end of the journey waiting right there for you ♥ so DREAM! DREAM! DREAM! DREAM!

I have a dream btw 🙂 I want to own a Magazine Company the biggest and best in the whole wide world this magazine will have all kind of features that entice everyone :)”
That’s my dream what’s yours ?

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