• Fun Fact:
I have to drink tea every single morning if I don’t have tea I can’t do anything lol Ik it’s weird but my day doesn’t begin without my tea digestion.

I love tea and Nescafé literally wanted to get a Nescafé machine a while back 😂😂 Yo I’m deadass 🧘🏼‍♀️ Shoes from: @amiclubwear |AD #amiclubwearshoes #amiclubwear
  • #gifted Thank you @benefitcosmetics for having my eyebrows look bomb for the past couple of weeks 💕💕 I went on a #browsearch and I received some goodies - Zing Eyebrow shaping kit $32
- Precisely, My Brow pencil $24
- Goof Proof Brow pencil $24
- ka -Boom Eyebrow Cream-gel $24
- 24-hour brow setter clear brow gel $24
- 3D Gimme brow+ volumizing eyebrow gel $24

I wrote about them in my new blog post go check it out link in bio www.niquewallace.com #benefitcosmetics #benefitbrowsearch #benefitbrows #benefitme #benefitme #benefit
  • We Fall.
We Break.
We Fail.
BUT then,
We Rise.
We Heal.
We Overcome.

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, Smarter than you think & loved more than you know 
Click link in bio to order my book www.niquewallace.con
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  • Thanks to everyone who supported me I appreciate you. 
If anyone could have told me that I would launched my first self published INFLUENCER book I would laughed in their faces.

I know I had a passion for writing but I never know I would be here today I am grateful. 
I see my supporters I know exactly who you are! And welcome to the newbies 🙏❤️ Let’s get to work and build our empire #bossbabe 
  • Time is of the Essence only few hours left for my book to be yours already 🤭🤯 I feel it’s my mission to help ambitious creatives package up their big ideas into irresistible offers that sell like hot breads. 
After wasting months trying to make money online and failing miserably, I realize I was doing it all wrong. 
Armed with a plan and passion, I rebranded, tripled my traffic, landed my biggest client, and earned my first $1k in 6 months.

And I want to share that exact plan with you for only $19.99 + Free 15 pitch templates, 300+ hashtags, 25+ Influencer Networks that I still use today. •

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  • My new playground Okay so I know I’m super late with the @TikTok videos but ya girl using a lot of apps already not ready to be driven insane anyways loves if you’re new @TikTok is an app that you can make amazing videos like those crazy skits or just a random tutorial like like what I’m doing 😬 
You get to add text, music and filters to your videos for those who don’t have an account yet you can make one it’s pretty simple you can login with your Facebook or Email account much easier that way 😉😉 Use the link in my bio to jump on it ☺️ #TikTok allows to message ppl so yes you can chat with your friends and send them silly videos. There’s also a discover page where u can find random funny people to follow and like their videos. If you just started and don’t have any followers like me you can invite your friends from any social media to join you 🥳

Follow me @ niquesbeauty 😎 #tiktokers #jamaican #sponsored •
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  • You can’t go back and change the beginning, but can start where you are and change the ending. 
AD|| Thank you @mvmtforher for gifting me “Jane” the beautiful rose gold watch and “Loveless” my pink & gold sunnies 💖💖 These sunglasses are my Go-To shades just because of my hair lol Yass thank you @mvmtforher ... Gift worthy! there are affordable (they start at $95).... come in a variety of colors and styles

Use Code: SNIQUE15 for 15% off
Visit Link in bio: https://mvmt.cc/sh-nique

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  • #ad @reignbodyfuel stay keeping me energized for throughout the summer days when I’m working hard and having fun in the sun ☀️ #SlayTheSummer 
#Reignbodyfuels are blended with BCAAs, Natural Caffeine, CoQIO and electrolytes. Definitely offering ZERO sugar, ZERO calories, ZERO flavors & colours. Click link in bio to learn more!  #ReignPartner
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  • Thank you @fostergrant for gifting me these sunnies to help celebrate your 90th Anniversary. Yaaayz! These bad boys are so good for this summer heat from the 70s 80s n 90s 😎😎😎 Skip through the slides and tell me your fav?? 🥰

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  • #BabeinBusiness My book will be out in 5 days 4 hours n couple mins and I’m literally terrified lol Counting down the days just to see you guys reaction to my book ☺️ Throwback to my 8th grade when I wrote my first book it was trash lol my English teacher made sure to tell me that ofc I got upset and whatever but I always loved to write even if it’s in the worst broken English it is just my thing. 
So, in 2013 when I found out about blogging I never took it serious because I never thought I could match the articles I see online. That’s when that thing fear and lack of knowledge comes into play we run from reading and doing research because it’s too much. 
If I could tell my younger self to read more and grasp every information that is given I would be better than where I am rn because everything that you glimpsed in the past or overlooked comes back and you’ll be upset with urself because you could’ve had this knowledge years ago but you refuse to read upon it because that’s not what you’re looking to do rn.

When I start blogging I didn’t know what the hell was going on, I had to get inspiration and I fell in love with @samanthamariaofficial and @zoella these two ladies helped me understand what is needed with content but with technical stuff I had to find interest in @melyssa_griffin and @neilpatel my blog looks sane rn because of all of em.

Now thanks to them I can pass on my knowledge to you. If you want to know more about the ebook sign up to my blog to catch some sneak peeks of my ebook on niquewallace.com Ebook will be out July 8,2019 🙏 •

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