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The Bubble Candle is a decorative candle that adds a touch of interest and art to any space. Out of the box, the scented Bubble Candle lets off a subtle scent, even without burning it.  But, if you do choose to burn, it’s important to trim the wick to 1/4″ and place the candle on a heat-resistant plate to catch any wax spills.

This Bubble Candle comes in 5 colors and scents.

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Our Scented bubble shaped candles gives elite aesthetics to be placed in any room in your home to match your décor.

You may decide it’s just too pretty to light, in which case leave it unlit as a gorgeous room ornament. If you do decide to light it, your bubble candle will cast a soft glow over your room as it burns.


This scented candle is available in 5 different colors and scent combinations for you to choose as per your liking;

Personal: This bubble will be green and infused with eucalyptus and peppermint.

Shortcake: This bubble will be pink infused with strawberries and cream.

Tropics: This will be Blue infused with citrus fruits & Rum.

Pick ME: This bubble will be Purple infused with lavender.

Chardonnay: This bubble will be Yellow infused with White berries.


Additional Details:

  • Soywax blend
  • Beewax wick
  • Weight –  5 ounces


It will burn for approximately 10 – 12 hours. If you want longer burn time cut wick every 1hour.


Bubble Candle care

  • Put candle in a tray when use to burn them.
  • Place your candle on a flat surface and don’t leave it unattended when lit.
  • Trim your wick in the first burn and each burn.
  • For a correct candle flame, let it burn for almost 1 hour.
  • Keep candles far from children and pets.
  • Do not Eat.


Every single candle is handmade, so the scent and the final color may be slightly different. Due to weather temperature, your candle may come with some small white marks known as “frosting”, a very natural effect of natural soy wax and doesn’t harm the candle or its burn.

Additional information

Weight5 oz


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