Cactus Jack


A refreshing oasis escape from your everyday awaits you, where bright green cactus mingles with briny sea salt, delicate florals, light woody notes and sleepy, soothing musk.


Best for bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. Warning: Never move a lit candle and never leave a burning candle unattended. Place candle on a stable, heat resistant surface away from flammable objects before lighting. 



Cactus Jack is a calm, fresh greenly scent, succulent as the first tender buds of spring emerging from their winter sleep. Sweet agave and watery aloe enhance the fresh-cut green leaves and chrysanthemum petals, while base notes of patchouli ground it with a pleasing earthiness.

This green and floral fragrance makes it a vibrant addition to our candle line, and bring a bit of botanical complexity to the product.


5 oz. Candle:

  • Soy Wax Blend
  • Clean Quality Fragrance Oils
  • Swirl Coloured Concrete Jar
  • Duster (No lid)
  • Net Weight: Approx. 160 grams
  • Burn Time: Approx. 25+ hours
  • Non-Toxic, Clean-burning, No Paraffin
  • 100% Lead-Free Pure Cotton Wick
  • Hand Poured in Kingston
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging


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