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A Simple Skincare Routine


As I go through my old posts I realize I only did a night time routine post couple of years back. I might update it if you dolls want me to because I made a lot of changes to my routines over the months. To be fair I’ve tried over 30 different skincare brands products since that post. 

Before we get into anything do you have a skincare routine? If yes drop deets because I want to know what works for you!

If you don’t got a skincare routine that’s completely okay not everyone needs to put a bunch of products on their faces to keep it young and healthy.

BUT, if you wear makeup on a daily basis baby girl you need a skincare routine because all your doing is damaging your skin to look 5 years older. And none of us wants that so get it together and be in the know. Water alone can not help your skin if you wear makeup everyday.

Go down memory lane on skincare

I remember in high school when all I used was water, no products was involved then I went to college makeup became apart of my mornings. I had to start using something on my face I was fancy like I am now with so much products to choose from, I just didn’t have it. So I used a blue soap called cake soap ha! those were the days.

Now moving on to working class years full blown makeup daily. A routine had to come into play and plus brands was reaching out for me to try their new lines and why would i say no? For the most part I should have said no because trying so many random companies messed my face up completely acne became my friend and never wanted to leave but now I minimize trying skincare products.

Now what I do in the mornings as I enter the bathroom.. definitely pee but we aint gon talk about that its time to get into the routine. Back story on my skin; I have Oily skin and I breakout easily let’s say I have sensitive skin.

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My Morning Skincare Routine


I always wash my face with water first I have to do that because water open your pores. I always use two types of products to clean my pores and they go as follows:



I love face scrubs this is the best way of making my face feel clean and all the dirt is lifted from my pores. We all know face scrubs has it ways of leaving your skin feeling fresh and soft after using a brush to help go deeper in to skin. I love to exfoliate everyday or 5 times out of the week. I know that’s not good for the skin overall but it works wonders for me.

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Some of the face scrubs I use are:



I only use face cleanse when my scrubs are out or I receive a brand’s acne kit or face collection line to try out. Cleanse don’t give off much “my pores are clean” feeling, I mostly get okay my face is clean lets move on. However, don’t get me wrong I have couple face cleanse that lathers when I use my face brushes to give off a baby butt feeling to my face.

Some cleanse I use every single day if my scrubs are out 


After using a product to cleanse my face I always moisturize that’s the biggest part of my morning skincare routine. Never forget nourish your pores after cleaning.

Even though since recently I’ve implemented new steps in my healthy skin routine. I am now toning and using serums thanks to Pixi beauty! 


2. The TONER I use


3. Then I use Serum

We all know how to apply the products to our skin not only massaging the product it to the face please remember to add it to your neck. I use a serum because it helps to hydrates and balance out the skin with the toner.

After the toner and applying serum you know your girl have to moisturize. However before I moisturize I always use my acne products because I tend to break out a lot. You know you have to use the acne products before moisturizing, at least some allows you to mix the products. But lets pretend I don’t have bad acne right now just few acne scars here and there.



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Some mornings you can ditch moisturizes and use Sunscreen. I am not a fan of sunscreens because they have your girl looking real oily on a good morning. Mist are nice to use as well I have two from the Mario badescu line there are amazing products. I practically use them as setting spray too the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Rosewater & Facial Spray with Green Tea Duo


Share with me your skincare routine below I want to know If you tried any of these 🙂



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