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Transitioning from Summer to fall || Femme Luxe 


Summer is over shout out to meg thee stallion for the summer heat we appreciate it ha! Femme Luxe Finery came through with some new pieces that I love. I receive the package within 12 days that’s processing and shipping. 

I have to say femme Luxe never fails with good quality clothing. They have some really cute fall pieces to get in like lounge wear sets ribbed and knitted. These are so bomb let’s get into what I got


White Polka Dot Ruched Puff Sleeve Dress

This dress design on trend right now I’m sure you’ve been seeing a lot of people in polka dots and oversized sleeves. It’s definitely a new style that’s going around and you know your girl had to jump on it. This dress is in Small it is super tight I got no breathing space for my boobs and I love that because these bad boys will stay in place. Plus it’s how the dress is suppose to be worn, I’m a 36C cup if you are bigger than that I don’t recommend getting small, let medium be your friend. This dress looks stunning both ways off and on shoulders. I’m obsessed!


Black Long Sleeve Slinky Plunge Top & Mini Skirt Co-Ord $20.88 

I was hesitant to choose these two because well indented thighs don’t play fair and I don’t want to look straight like an arrow because I ain’t. And we all know the model’s body doesn’t come with the clothes. Let’s just say the skirt looks amazing above my navel. I had problems with the top the sleeves be tight it’s also small. Listen I weigh 111 lbs so don’t start judging say I should wear my size because this is it. Not going to lie I look sexy tho I’m sucked in LOL. The material is good just I expected.


 Black Mesh Frill V Neckline Bodysuit $15.96

Lets say I never read the title of the bodysuit good I thought it was a blouse but hey I love a good bodysuit. This is so soft inside out and not going mention how tight the body spandex piece is because it’s supposed to be like that. The frills on it excites me to do the Harlem shake ha! It’s a stunning piece.


Black PU Ruched Knot Skirt $14.99

This skirt is new to me. I never own any skirts to go out just shorts and dresses so your girl got excited when I saw this on Hannah browning the IG model. I had to cap ?and guess what? It looks absolutely sexy on me. Not to toot my own horn. This piece can be worn with any top I paired it with a bodysuit and a jacket. For second outfit I paired it with a another bodysuit but one that looks like a blouse. 

You know what bodysuit is for the win with skirt I recommend nothing else. 

After all Fall and Summer are both amazing seasons for fashion and femme Luxe came through with co ord sets. You can never go wrong with those! 


Let me know in the comments which pieces of clothing you like?




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