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Summer Hairstyles 2016

Hey Dolls

SUMMER 2016 is almost over! Turns out you guys been loving “Summer hairstyles 2015” post its the most famous post i’ve ever done. So I was wondering why don’t I update the summer hairstyles for you. Everyone already know summer is ideally the hottest time around but yet still no one wants to look basic so we go for long ass hair with colors. Note all these hairstyles can be wore throughout the Year but it gets more attention in SUMMER!

  Lets get into the SUMMER “6TEEN hairstyles
1. Faux Marley Dreadlocks 
So you guys might already know I’ve become a super-fan of locks mainly because its became my job lately.  
The locs can be plat or twist in with kanekolon and to wrap with Yah Mon, Noir Afrotwist braid, Jamaican Marley braid and Cuban Twist. I’ve seen YouTuber use kanekolon, Expression braids and tokyolon to wrap. I don’t but you can! Choose whatever looks natural to you.

2. Goddess Marley Locs
I know majority of persons know this hairstyle if you don’t your a little late. This been swarming the internet lately when Meagan Good got them installed. This is done with crochet curly hair, marley hair and some other watch the video to see the hairs used. 

2b. Goddess Yarn Locks
Now this is crazy My girl @idlelocs went a little further with locks and created this, to me its like a little too much but if your into that kind of stuff its perfect for you. Now this is done with Yarn/Wool really unique.

3. Under Cuts 

So for the persons who think short hair for the summer is best because its sooo hot out. They get cute undercuts, I myself want to get it done but I just cut off my year like a year ago lol Im not going back to the short hair stage (hated it). This is like for real cute with the patterns and so on.

4. Braids (For the Guys)
Ladies have you seen the guys lately they’ve got a summer hairstyle too lol its the two little braids they get when they grow out only the top of their hair. I like it. Its just two Ghana braids or french braids.
If you think I didn’t mention a summer hairstyle that suits you kindly write in the comment section and let me know. Also if you like a specific one let me know. Share to your friends!! and follow me on all social medias.

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