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Purple and Gold Gliterz Make Up look


Hey Beauty Lovers
Today we got a teacher Zonelle lol she taught us few makeup tricks that I think we needed to know. Neena and I always use brow pencil to do our eye brows thinking it was the best way even though our brows look real to us but she taught us to use the pomade because it makes the brows look more real. The wings lol she tried with us, they suck especially neena’s and she was better at doing the wing than me. Zonelle said we can use black eyeshadow to get the wing or use a eyeliner brush with eyeliner pomade to get that wing.

To us, we hate being told what to do but we love when persons give there opinions. Zonelle came and completely change our makeup world like our signature eyebrows were gone, neena’s harsh contour was totally a no no! Nique took forever to catch on because she played stubborn but hers turned out very well because she only bend little of her own techniques just to let in zonelle’s. All of us did our own faces what do you think about the looks?

Written 2015 November.

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