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How to get your Inspiration back

How to get your inspiration back

Hi Y’all! How you doingg? Have you been struggling with getting your groove back?

I’ve been sitting around my computer for the past months trying to get myself back into the blogosphere. Truth be told its been so hard I can’t even fathom how to get back where I left off. It is now 2022 and my last Yay blog moment was 2019. I AM STRUGGLING!!

I googled how to get my inspiration back just to see if 50 million other persons feel the same. Right away I landed on numerous articles with being number 1. The post gave me immediate solutions. Question is did I follow through with them all? Uhh only few lol.

The few that resonated with my soul, I want to share with you and add what I’ve done to make sure I stay on the right path. I genuinely thought I was doing okay until few friends reached out to me concerned. Basically wondering if I plan to start blogging and do my social media work again. To be completely honest I cried asking myself what am I doing? how do I plan to change? Will another year come and past me by not being inspired to do anything I love.

After contemplating January 4th 2022 I made up my mind to start fresh. Removing everything that I feel is truly holding me back one by one – It’s going to difficult but honestly worth it. Have faith in yourself!

Lets get into the list of things I try

Audit your life

I got this from a lovely tiktoker (shvonnewill) she basically said outline the things that are happening in your life and rate them out of 10 and then give a reason why you give it that rate. For example my health I would rate this 6/10 why? mainly because I never eat on time and wait until I’m starving and bloated to eat.

Tell your loved one

Some of you might be like “what? No I don’t need to do that” but honey you do! These persons should be your biggest motivators. Bounce all your ideas on them and let them help you think it through and decide what will be best. Some of us are loners and that’s okay the next point will be for you.

Change environment

For me this means leave your home for hours take a walk, go out for drinks, meet people and chill out, watch the sunset or sunrise. I’ve always love watching the sunset and just hate when its completely gone and the place gets dark. A new environment can really fuel inspiration by giving you a new way of looking at things.

Get a notebook

This helps me a lot sometimes its mind blowing what you can jot down once your brain really kicks in. I’ve purchased motivational books from amazon because a girl need it okay? You don’t have to follow but I recommend. If its plain hardcover book then you can get couple quotes off Pinterest and write in on your first page. My favorite mantra is ‘I’m financially abundant’ always plastered on the front page of my books and then the other pages I just note any random idea I might have that day.

Watch a Series

No this is not a drill I mean it! Pull out your apps or websites and watch a whole series of episodes on a show you never think you’ll ever watch. Don’t listen to people saying too much tv will take away your time in some cases it do but your gain from this is to learn something new from this show/series. See the world in a different light through your laptop screen. I live for Kdramas 🙂

Stalk your favorite Social media Influence

Yes! I do this when I need inspiration for beauty and fashion because why not? Not telling you to have an identity crisis and copy whatever they do. That is a big no no my friend just take bits of pieces of what they are doing and add it to your everyday life that suits you.

Read an Inspiring Blog Post

Exactly what you’re doing right now LOL. OR visit your favorite bloggers and read some of their posts that inspire you. There’s nothing like a few powerful words to spark your inspiration.

Watch that YouTube video

You’ll be amazed on all the new stuff you’ve been missing out on and what can help you overcome how you feel day in and out. Watch all those motivational life pushing videos to inspire you to be great.

Go on Pinterest

Search for inspiration and Motivational quotes read every single one that pop up on your screen. Sometimes the first ones resonates with your soul so much you get triggered to do so much better and stop wallowing in self pity.

Listen to a New Type of Music

Seek out music that is different to what you usually listen to and try it out. What about jazz, classical or rap? I got back into dancehall and Jamaican gospel I was out of it for years only listening to American 90s soul/RnB. Jamaican gospel help me to reflect on things in my past and present.


Sometimes you fall so deep into slumber your mind wonders and gets fully pumped with motivation to have you getting up out your sleep to get down all the good thoughts before they go.

How I’ve disciplined myself to stay on the right path?

  1. Start a routine

Everyday after reading the post I remove, adjust and update my words because this is way better to say. If you’re a person who needs one shot of things then go for it just don’t lose hope trust your progress. It’s difficult, no longer having your mojo and then you miraculously get the gig to write, shoot a video or post on social media the first draft will sometimes not be your best try not to judge yourself.

Don’t get me wrong you can post your mess and people immediately gravitate to it while you hate it.

Per self disciplined points.

2. Set timer, then take action.

3. Put your goals where you can see them every day.

4. Remind yourself why you started.

5. Set small goals first.

6. Practice prioritizing.

7. Know your weaknesses.

8. Get your loved ones to hold you accountable.

From Amazon

Some of favorite quotes that get me through the days

“Once you have commitment, you need the discipline and hard work to get you there.” — Haile Gebrselassie 

“Every morning you have a new opportunity to be a better version of yourself”

“I am financially abundant”

“It’s already yours, claim it!”

“Your Only limit is your mind”

“Keep going, because you did not come this far to come this far”

“Fear is temporary, Regret is forever”

Let me know below what you have started 🙂 Go little Rockstar!


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