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How to Bleach your Hair at Home on a Budget

Hey Loves

Its been a minute since I post about hair damn starting to think my blog is all over the place lol. Tbh is not because well my blog is about beauty; hair, skin care, lifestyle, etc with fashion of course and little of my thoughts lol okay a whole lot of my thoughts. 
If you know me you know I hate black hair, I don’t know it just never do any justice to my face. They often say Black hair shows up a light-skinned girls but that’s a lie. Bleached hair definitely let me stand out the most and I honestly love it.

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How to bleach your hair on a budget?

If you’re a person who like to do things yourself or don’t have that extra $50-$100 to pay a hairstylist/hairdresser. Your bathroom because your salon, your local beauty store becomes you hair products dealer and of course is YOU are the hairstylist all that is already less than the $50 you’ll be paying YOUR STYLIST + You must already have your own shampoo and conditioner sitting and waiting.

The two (2) main products you’ll need 


I know what you’re gonna say these are not at home products but hear me out I’ve used other products at home that’s in your medical kit. Those products you have will rotten off your hair especially for my natural hair sisters. My relaxed hair sisters you should stay away too it’s not good and why not have the same products your hairstylist use in your hair at her salon RIGHT IN YOUR HOME.

I use these products to bleach my hair all the time they’re affordable and they work absolutely fine.


Extra Products you’ll need for end results

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Step by Step Instructions on how to bleach your roots to ends


  1.  Oil the parameters of your edges ( I personally use Jamaican castor oil). Part your hair in sections where you think will be bleached the fastest.
  2. Put your gloves on and have your equipments ready
  3. Measure your products and start mixing
  4. Mix until no lumps are left in the bowl/basin
  5. Apply product 2 cm a way from roots and work your way to the ends. Please don’t add any more bleach to ends once it has already been bleached. 

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For Virgin Hair please start at the end DON’T apply thin until you get to the roots same 2cm. This is done because the product do soaks to scalp so the whats left of the product just expands to the scalp.

  1.  When your finish with adding the product to your little sections you should put the plastic wrap around the hair ends.
  2. Get your steam cap on for 20-30mins
  3. After the 30 mins remove the cap give your hair little breeze
  4. You do a little finger message to spread the product
  5. Wash it out

You can always check on your result every 10 mins just so you don’t under-estimate your hair and burn it out because your following time. Your hair is different from others so not everything that worse for me will work for you but you can get great ideas from what I have to say.

Funny Story : I underestimated my hair once and I don’t promise to do it again I start bleaching the center of my hair 15mins early. Left the sides, front and back because those parts were exposed to bleach in the past. But boy was I wrong the center of my hair is the thinnest and back and front of my hair was literally the hardest to bleach. I almost burn my hair off lol thank goodness I didn’t but my hair was left ombre because of that Gold in the center, blonde at the front and dark blonde at the back lol.

From that day I never did test runs I section my hair in 4 and do it all starting from the back.

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Step by Step Instructions on how to wash the bleach out

I let mine stay for 2 hours mainly because naturally my hair is dry so your girl need all the moisture she can get from bleaching her hair.

Lol that is said on all hair products but truth be told for my I often braid or twist my hair for next day braids out I hate wash N Go shrinkage is a bitch.


Other products that can bleach your hair I recommend staying away from

 You should never bleach your hair with peroxide it is not safe at all. Hydrogen peroxide itself is a harmful chemical, but it should be diluted with conditoner before being used on the hair so only a small amount goes on your head.

As many people associate hydrogen peroxide with damage to the hair, some hairstylist are looking to use alternatives. Bleaching the hair just isn’t possible without an oxidising agent such as hydrogen peroxide.

The bottom line is that exposing your hair on a regular basis to strong chemicals is likely to do some damage. But many people are willing to risk it to achieve their desired hair colour. Are you?

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